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Sunday, 2 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Life lately - July

July has been an insanely busy month, and has genuinely brought me so much happiness and love. It's been a wonderful month with lots of photos and memories, and most of all it's helped me realise just how happy I can be and how fortunate I am to have the life I have.

I'm slightly changing my 'month in review' posts to life lately, just so I can post more photos! Ha ha!

This month has been filled with trips and visiting people which has just been lovely.
I'll start with July's biggest event - my brother in law's wedding. I posted more about it here, but here's some unseen photos from the wedding day, and from the day before!

^^taken my Erin-Mai and Dann themselves!^^

^^the night before the wedding was spent as tradition in the pub down the road from the family home - I genuinely love the Bradford men with all my heart. I'm very lucky to have married into such a wonderful and loving family.^^

We also had several little dinners out. My favourite had to be a trip to Banana Wharf in Ocean Village, Southampton. The small chain is fast becoming one of my favourite places to eat! Plus we both love being by the sea, and all the restaurants are near water. Their menu is a mix of so many different types of food, so is perfect for everyone, but if you are a fish/sea food lover, then this is one of the best. 

On the rare weekend we had to ourselves we made the most of the morning by staying in bed and watching QI - a guilty pleasure of ours - we just adore Stephen Fry!

^^the quality is shocking - apologies - a semi dark room and a front camera, but how cute is Archimedes cuddled in-between us?!^^

We also spent many an evening catching up on our favourite shows, can we have a cheer for Pretty Little Liars and Doctor Who, and QI too! - and having weird cuddles on the sofa!

We finished the month with a night out in Winchester with my old work place, which was so much fun and so lovely to catch up with the old team. So much has changed in the last couple of months since leaving.

*photos are a mix from my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and my 1100D Canon camera.


  1. A super busy month full of amazing memories!! You look amazing too, such cute photos of you and Dann!!


    1. Yes it has been, but it's been so good!
      Aww you little cutie you - thank you!


  2. It looks like you had a wonderful July!

    1. Thank you we did! Was so much fun! I'm really loving life right now, and really love sharing it! :)

  3. The wedding photos look lovely! PLL, DW and QI - all the yes!!


    1. Ha ha thanks - I'm literally obsessed with Netflix!


  4. Thanks for your link on twitter.
    Love reading posts like this and having an insight into peoples lives, these photos are something you could definitely look back on in months or years to come and reflect on the good times!

    Chloe //

    1. You're welcome - thanks for stopping by!
      Yes I totally agree - it's the main reason I changed direction of my blog - I wanted to be able to look back over it and see my life and all the great things I've done!



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