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Sunday, 30 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: A weekend spent decorating

A weekend of decorating

So we've been decorating for goodness knows how long (well it's since March 9th actually, on and off, just you know, that doesn't have quite the same ring to it!) and we're coming into the final stretch. All of downstairs is now done with just a few odds and ends to get, such as a new dining set for the conservatory, but we have a set that is perfectly fine for the time being.

Upstairs we have finally completed all three bedrooms! A couple of weekends ago we blitzed through the box room and got it looking pretty just in time for our BBQ (which is actually happening today) with some of our friends and family. As we have two sets of siblings staying over, we figured we had a deadline to get the room looking nice.

Now don't get me wrong, this room is far far from complete, as it is essentially empty most of the time, but it feels more like ours with a lick of paint. It still amazes me how something as simple as painting some walls can completely change the feel of a room and make it feel more like it belongs to you.

This room will eventually be a nursery so we (ok, I) decided to go for gender neutral, but bright colours. Orange is pretty much my favourite colour right now and I am loving using it across our home. I think it's a little different so makes a massive impact. The 'glistening aqua' is the same as used in our other spare room but appears much lighter as I only had to use one coat of paint, and contracted against the orange, it just seems to work.
Add bright orange Ikea curtains and we are good to go with a very simple little room.
Here's some photos!!


A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

A weekend of decorating

I'm so looking forward to doing more with this room in the future. I have so many ideas for the furniture and decorations for the room but must wait for the moment!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I mainly loved these photos for the cats, not gonna lie. The colours go so well together though!! I love it


    1. ha ha same to be fair!
      Thanks! We wanted bright, and we certainly got it!



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