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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: "You Time" habits

I'm focusing a lot on myself and my happiness at the moment - not in a selfish way, but in a 'improving myself' kind of way.

I was thinking the other day of the little things I like to do, or should be doing to create some 'me-time' to make myself happier, or relax me after a long or stressful day.
We all have our own little coping techniques, so here's some of mine.

A long soak in the tub
A personal favourite. I'm a bath girl having grow up with only a bath and no shower for most of my childhood to teenage years. And I love nothing more than an hour in the tub with music, or a TV show on my tablet in the bath, filled with bubble and pretty smells. And my new-found love for Lush makes this the ultimate treat.

Binge watching your favourite shows
The guilty pleasure of many. I particularly love watching the shows Dann hates like Pretty Little Liars, on repeat, for several hours.

A little walk
This is my go to if I'm stressed - mostly with Dann or the house. A little escape to clear my head. I love being by water, so a walk along the shore is always guaranteed to clear my head. Not as easy to do now we live further away from the sea, but within a short driving distance.

Not something I thought I would ever say, but I love following a recipe in a cookbook. I think it's the sweet smell and the structure and instructions that re-focus my mind and make me feel peaceful. Plus mixing batter and or cake mix can be tough work, so a little arm workout takes my mind off other things.

Write it down
As a writer/blogger/marketing assistant, and ex-journalist, it's in my nature to write. I love writing, I always have. So I find writing down my troubles, or my goals, or whatever I'm feeling is a real cathartic release. Sometimes it turns into a blog post, or a to-do list, or something it gets chucked in the recycling, but I always feel better afterwards.

If you can't write it - read it
And if you're not a writer, find a book you love. There's something so dreamy about curling up with a good book and a cup of tea that just relaxes you down to the bone. Drift away with an adventure, fall in love with a character or dream of far off places and mermaids.

Get nostalgic with old photos
I love looking at old photos. I have two of my own baby albums at home that my mum gave me, and they just bring me so much happiness. I love seeing my mums happy face, and myself and my sisters growing up and playing. Seeing all our old toys and awful haircuts just brings back so many happy memories, and makes me look forward to all the new ones I'm going to create. I also LOVE looking through my wedding album and photos. The happiest day of my life and they never ever get old to look at.

And for when you want company - cuddles
And last but by no means least. For when your alone time comes to an end, find a cuddle. Be it with a cat, dog, mum, dad, husband, wife, bestie, partner or neighbour. I love cuddles because there can be so much unsaid love hidden at that small gesture, and one cuddle can make a persons day.

Colour til your hearts content
One I was big on as a kid and teenager, and stopped, but am starting to rekindle. Colouring. You've probably all seen the new adult colouring books, and the therapeutic tag lines to sell them. And almost every blogger on the planet is promoting them, BUT they do work. I've had my tattoo colouring book for over a year and it really does make me happy and relax me to sit and colour for a little bit. Your inner five year old will thank you, I promise!

A little shout out to these amazing colouring books from CASSART. The Tattoo Colouring Book I've had since last year. The Enchanted Forest is a new purchase prompted by Jemma at Dorkface Blog. Both are lovely books to colour and the Enchanted Forest even tells a little story and an activity to do throughout. So cute. 

What do you do for some 'you time' and to chill out and relax?



  1. Looking through old photos always makes me so happy! The memories and stories behind can pass away hours without me ever realising


    1. Same, I especially love looking through my baby album and seeing my little sisters and my mum when she was younger. Lots of happiness right there!


  2. I love colouring books, they're so calming - I have one of the Millie Marotta ones and they are so gorgeous! Also as a total Lush addict I love my long baths too, they really help me to calm down and de-stress :) x

    1. I will have to have a look for those colouring books. The one above is so lovely and so detailed.
      Nothing better than a hot bath in my opinion! The Comforter is definitely my go to! xx

  3. I'm enjoying tidying up the house, clearing the clutter and sprucing everything up at the moment. Last weekend I gave the shed a fresh coat of paint and the planter ready to sew my wild flower seeds :)

    Can't wait to see them bloom come spring.

    I'd love to get my hair done, swim, get a bicycle to cycle too but struggle with time!

    Love waterfront walks too, definitely need to make more time for them x

    1. Oh you're such a mother hen! :) I have to admit I actually find decorating rather therapeutic. I love painting the walls. Am currently doing some shelves and the stairs and I really find it relaxing!

      I also need to make more time for some of these - though bike rides would be pointless for me as I can't ride one (shock, horror!)


  4. A little or long walk always makes me feel better! Loved this post xx

    Tajaljeh //

    1. I used to run if I was stressed out. Just exhaust myself so I was too tired to be angry or mad or stressed! I find a walk a nice happy medium! xx

  5. Glad you're taking some time to yourself! I love baths and own a couple of colouring books myself, they're really relaxing! xx

    1. Thanks huni! Really been needing it the last couple of days.
      I'll be so glad when my bathroom is re-done and I can chill in a pretty bathroom!
      Thanks for stopping by xx

  6. I love all these ideas! But mainly, bubble baths are always great! And I lo e looking through old pictures! Great post!

    1. Thank you, that's very kind.
      Yes a bubble bath is just perfect for almost any situation!



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