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Sunday, 13 September 2015

LIFESTYLE: Seven things to do inside when it rains

As expected with the good old English summer it rains... even in July and August.
So sometimes we have to find things to do indoors on the days we wished we were outside.
I'm sharing a list of 10 things to do when you can't get out in the summer, or even for those lazy days in winter, and as we've just hit autumn these will start becoming your staple go to things to do!

1. Indoor BBQ
We've had to do this a number of times thanks to the good old British weather, including with friends, and with one instance of the poor guys standing outside under parasols with the BBQ and aerosols to keep the fire burning! Thankfully everything tasted great and we all had a lovely afternoon.

2. Get baking
This is fast becoming one of my favourite pastimes. I'm no cook, but I do love a good baking session, and there really isn't anything better than a warm house smelling of freshly backed cookies or chocolate cake! Make a big batch and take the leftovers into work on Monday morning as a little treat for the office.

Things to do when it's raining

Things to do when it's raining

3. Indoor picnic
Inspired from the indoor BBQ. This is great if you have lots of room. We like doing this in our conservatory with a big blanket and lots of little snacks. Plus you can still see the sky through the room so get that feel of being outside, whilst indoors.
Would also work in a large living room. 

4. Gaming
A big pastime of ours. We love paying the not-so-serious games together, so partner up for any of the LEGO games. We are totalyl loving LEGO: Jurassic World by the way!

Things to do when it's raining

5. Get crafty
You know that craze for colouring books? Well I jumped on that bandwagon - sorry, huge logger cliche right here! But do you know what, it's so nice to just sit and colour. Or how about something else a little crafty. I'm really getting into thread based craft designs. They're so simple to do.
Have a look on Pinterest for other inspiration for crafty things to do in the home. And if you have little ones, get them involved too!

Things to do when it's raining

Things to do when it's raining

6. Movie Night/Marathon
We haven't done this in a long time, but myself and my sister used to do this all the time. Pick a series of films to watch, and watch them all in one really long session! We did this a couple of months back with the Jurassic Park series, obviously to get us in the mood for the new Jurassic Park (can you tell we like dinosaurs in our house?!?) Another favourite is to watch all the Lord of the Rings films. 9 hours of Hobbit fun!

7. Redecorate/rearrange a room
Been putting off decorating? Now's your chance? Or been getting bored of your current room set up? Well put your back in and get moving that furniture around. There's just something very satisfying about rearranging a room to give it  a whole new look. And as someone who is never happy with a room decor and layout, this happens will be happening a lot in our home.

What do you get up to when it's raining outside? Leave me some suggestions in the comments below!


  1. An indoor picnic is a great idea!! I've been wanting to play Lego Jurassic World so bad! I love the lego games!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Cute right!!?! It's really good! Dann is obsessed with it! xx

  2. I've got to add one on here Rach! Photography (: it's my passion right now and I love practicing.

    Natural lighting is always a preference but you can still have lighter drizzly days, perfect for experimenting with the camera and practising some creative indoor shots not to mention mastering Lightroom/Photoshop (: xx

    1. Oh that is such a good one Natasha!
      I love taking photos of the cats and our rooms, plus playing with the editing software at home!
      And you have the luck of a photographer husband too! His kit is soooo good! And the littles to photograph too!! ha ha



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