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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

BEAUTY: Autumn lifesavers for skincare, haircare and beauty

I don't know about you but I love Autumn. 
Maybe it's because I'm a fan of warmer, darker colours, and sweaters, scarves and cosy nights in. One of my favourite things in the colder months is to visit my in-laws who have the best log burning fireplace in the living room, perfect for a night in from the howling wind.
So as we quickly approach the chilly nights, and blustery days I thought I'd share some of my top autumn saviour products for your skin, hair and beauty.

Autumn lifesavers for skincare, haircare and beauty

Let's start with skincare and general autumn lifesavers! These are really mostly focused on hands and lips.

Lips to start. If you're like me, the cold weather, and rapid change in temperature plays havoc with my lips. As a lipstick LOVER I really need my lips to be looking and feeling their best. So I have a few favourites that I really rely on.

You all know I love Lush right? (read my post on my recent Lush event if you don't know!) One of their best products to me is their lip scrubs. Personally I love their bubblegum lip scrub as above, but I've heard good things about their others. It basically helps remove any of that nasty dry and flaky skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth, and it kinda tastes fab!

Throughout the day, when not wearing lipstick, I fall back on my favourite lip balm. Nothing compares to Carmex. I've been a fan for years and just adore it. Plus have you seen all the flavours and new tinted ones!! LOVE! I will admit, my back-up is Badger Balm. It's a real hard blend, like vaseline but much tougher.

Finally, a new discovery and I have no idea how I've lived so long without it is Lipcote*. This stuff basically holds your lipstick in place... FOREVER!! OK not forever, but all day for sure. It's like a topcoat for your lips. This is a must to ensure your dark lipstick stays in place when you're drinking your Gingerbread Latte!

So hands. I use my hands all day, probably like you. Yes I'm in an office, but that typing, with the brisk British weather takes its toll. My go-to are Badger Balm, for the evenings, and L'Occitane for during the day. The Badger Balm is great for hands and any dry skin really and has a mild tangerine smell. As for L'Occitane, I'm currently still using their Cooling Hand Cream Gel from last year (I'm really stretching the tube out!), but think I will be replacing it with the Shea Zesty Hand Cream, as I love both their citrusy smells.

Last and by no means least for skincare and beauty, is kind of an all year round saviour! The Witch Blemish Stick* is a spots worst nightmare. We all know that heating and cold outside air reeks havoc on our skin, and this little hero fights pimples from day one. Just rub a little on the offending spot, and see it disappear in days.

Autumn lifesavers for skincare, haircare and beauty

Now for haircare. It can be a girls best friend, or ruin our day right?
To be honest, all these products are kind of an all year round must have but perhaps needed a little more as the weather sends us into a wind-swept heap!

Of course no girl is complete with Batiste dry shampoo for the days where a hair wash just isn't tempting enough to get us out from our duvets. As a girl who needs a volume helping hand, the heavenly volume is a must. And add some colour for those of us who need a helping hand with our brunette shades, the hint of colour, medium and brunette is a fab and handy top-up. And last for styling is the Paul Mitchell Express Styler*. This is a newby for me, and so far I a loving it, especially with my new crop cut! Easy to use and not at all sticky!

Us girls loyal to our straighteners need some Heat Defense, and I'm a big fan of this one from Tresemme. Must remember to use it every time! Or I'm going to be needing even more of Tresemme's split remedy treatment (it's now changed packaging) to help treat my split ends from heat. And they're going to be more frequent from all that heating in the house and office. And a final treat for your hair, Kinky Hot Oil Treatment*. This is just one of three new Hot Oil Treatments at Lush and they are pretty awesome for giving your hair a much needed treat.

Phew, well that's all my life saving products for autumn...

What are your autumn saviours? Share your favourites, and your links in the comments below!

*post contains PR samples


  1. Tresemmé's heat protection is my absolute favourite - it has done wonders for my hair xo

    Emily |

    1. I really need to get better at using it to be honest, but I am using heat less and less at the moment which is good! x


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