BEAUTY: Lush Summer Bloggers Event

September 8, 2015

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

As a bath lover it makes sense that I’m a little bit of a Lush addict. 

Admittedly I was a little late to the party, in terms of obsession, having drifted away from it for many years. But I’m back to my old lover, and it’s better than ever. 

Last week I was kindly invited to spend an evening with the team at Lush Southampton, along with a few of my favourite girls for an night of smellies, fruit and bubble bar crafting, all in the name of Lush Summer 2015. 

All the ingredients for our fruit cocktails and drinks were in the Lush products, as they pride themselves on many natural ingredients. 

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

^^this is the new Avocado Co-Wash and boy does it smell utterly amazing. It’s a solid shampoo and it is high on my next wishlist from Lush as it just smells so good.^^

^^can anyone actually resist a bath bomb from Lush?! I thought not! Check out my Instagram to see some in action, including the Experimenter which is just AMAZING!^^

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

Probably the highlight for everyone was learning how Lush create their infamous bubble bars. All are hand-made in their factories and shipped out to over 100 stores in the UK. The team in Southampton made up a small batch of Creamy Candy, and whilst it sat to rise, we had a little explore of the new products. 

Once the mix was ready, we all got the chance to shape our own! I went for a little heart shaped one! Cute right! Wait to set for 24 hours and jobs a goodun. I’m actually yet to use it at the point of writing this, but I love Creamy Candy* and its oh so sweet smell so I know this will be a heavenly bath time treat. 

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

And last but by no means least… the goodies. 

Of course I had to buy a few bits for myself, to top up some of my absolute favourites, including Brightside. The Comforter Shower Gel and The Experimenter

On top of this, Lush also created us some goodie bags filled with some of the brand new products. Mine included:


Kinky hair mask*

Sugar Daddy-O*

Pumice Power*

All in all, spoilt completely rotten!

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

Lush Southampton Summer Bloggers Event

^^photo courtesy of Alice and her selfie stick!^^

We had such an amazing evening, filled with lots of laughter. And we all came away with the always amazing products from Lush. 

You can keep up to date with all of Lush’s products on their Twitter and Instagram, and follow Lush Southampton if you’re in the area on their own Twitter and Instagram

So over to you? What are you eyeing up for your own collection?

Check out all the products as I test them over on my instagram here!

*post contains PR samples

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  1. Mandy C says:

    It was a good fun evening, they always put on the best blog events!mandy x

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