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Sunday, 27 September 2015

BLOGGING: Cake for the Soton bloggers

Soton Bloggers do cake event

Blogging has recently been such a joy. Yes I'm probably a little further behind on my scheduling then I would like, especially in terms of social media. And I've missed more Twitter chats then I can say, but I've had some amazing opportunities come my way recently.
One of the biggest things to happen to me since starting this blog thingy is meeting the Soton Bloggers. So basically, Soton Bloggers is run by Alice and Amy, who organise events and kind of keep us up-dated with any other external events that are going on in the area. You'll remember their last event in August which was fab, and we've also done events with Lush Southampton and The Body Shop too.

Well the girls, as lovely as they are, decided to host another special event, this time for charity. As MacMillan coffee mornings were making the rounds, it only made sense to support this charity. We were asked to bring in something baked or bought that could be contributed. I of course made my now quite famous chocolate biscuit cake (I had a busy couple of days ahead of the event - which you can read more about here, so I had to make in advance) to take along with me.

So last Sunday, we got together at Vodka Revolution in Bedford Place, Southampton for an afternoon of cake and gossip. I love hanging out with these girls. There's something to be said about being in a group who totally understand why you need to take 18 photos of that cake from four angles because the lighting changed - they just understand your troubles. And anyone with a camera is instantly everyone's best friend!

We had a lovely afternoon... here's some photos.

Soton Bloggers do cake event

Soton Bloggers do cake event

Soton Bloggers do cake event
^^how totally cute is this polaroid?? I really do need an Instax camera!^^ 

Soton Bloggers do cake event

Soton Bloggers do cake event

In total we raised a fabulous £70 for MacMillan, which is very humbling for our little group. It's so good to give a little back, and still have an amazing time.

^^the girls - courtesy of Jessica^^


  1. Replies
    1. It so was - love these girls and our little get togethers! xx

  2. Aw this looks lovely and well done for raising the money, it's great that blogging events can also go to a good cause :)

    Sarah xx

    1. It was and we did really well considering there wasn't too many of us. Plus who doesn't love cake?! xx


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