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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LIFESTYLE: Life lately - August

August has been a relatively chilled month in comparison to July. But I still have plenty of great memories and fun photos to share with you! Having gone more lifestyle with this blog I'm using many more of the photos for blog posts, but it does mean I am trying to take more photos in general - which is always a good thing!

First up are these gorgeous wedding photos - these are part of the official photos from Jerry Cliff of Dann's brothers wedding. These candids just fill me with happiness as they are just filled with laughter and love. I'm definitely getting these printed for our home.

Then we received the cutest letter from our niece which I just loved. I mean we should all be spending more time writing letters and thank you notes. They often mean so much to people, and are usually totally under-rated!

Whilst decorating and sorting our house, I grabbed a few photos from around our home and the general chaos and laughter that fills our home.

^^let's be honest.. Archimedes looks super pleased!^^

Plus look at the pretty place we live - some photos from Winchester whilst visiting at the beginning of the month!

I have to admit I really love writing these posts as I really enjoy looking back at the past month and realising just how much we're done and how great our life really is. I would recommend everyone to do this. Whether you have a blog to record it on, or whether you just spend 20 minutes at home looking back through your phone photos to see remember what you've gotten up to in the last month. It just gives you a great opportunity for reflection! And that is no bad thing!

What great things have you been up to?


  1. Love love love love this post Rach!!!! <3 You're completely right, its so nice to look back on the month and concentrate on all the loveliness ! :) xx

    1. Aww thanks Jemma! It so is. Such a good reminder of how far you've come! We all need more reflection on life I think! xx


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