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Monday, 5 October 2015

LIFESTYLE: Degustabox September Snack Box

As you have no doubt noticed over recent weeks but I am a bit of a foodie. 
I've partnered up with Degustabox* to show you the next level of foodie goodness, all delivered to your home. It's basically a surprise food box. So each month you are sent a parcel in the post with lots of new goodies and treats to try. It's a real mix of naughty treats and on-the-go snacks. 

I actually really loved this box with it's real mix of products, which catered for my sweet teeth, Dann's love for popcorn and our joint love over cider! Plus some healthier snacks in the Green Tea drinks and cereal drinks. 
At £12.99 per box this comes in at twice that, and with food and drink from companies I've never heard of but that promise to be great (FYI the cider is lush - Rugby World Cup really needed cider!).

As you can see there is a real mix of treats for everyone, including Dante. September's box includes:
  • REESE's Peanut Butter Cups
  • Mallow and Marsh
  • Maynards Wine Gums, Red and Blacks
  • Bassets Jelly Babies Berry Mix
  • Portlebay Popcorn - Cappacino and Sweet & Salty
  • The Good Cider of San Sebastian - Pear and Apple
  • TG Green Tea
  • Up and Go - Chocolate and Vanilla
  • Compete Energy
  • Sweet Sally Tea

You can try your own Degustabox* too. Get a whopping £6 off your next Degustabox with code BLDEG15

You can also follow along via Twitter and Facebook for sneak peeks and foodie updates!

Thank you Degustabox* for this amazing treat, and for the rather cute cat box - the perfect size for Dante!

*post contains pr samples - a sample box was received as part of this post - opinions are my own


  1. Oh my god Rach you are so pretty and these photos are SO cute!! haha ^__^

    1. Ha ha you sweetie you!
      Dann did a good job as my photographer! Plus Dante loves getting involved!

  2. Awww, Dante is SO cute! I love how kitties always want to be involved and 'help'! ;) Molly and Soldier love to help too. Totally agree with Jemma - you look so adorable! <3 Now I really want some Reese's peanut butter cups xx

    1. Aww you! Too sweet huni!
      Dante is especially investigative - loves a good box and bags to chew on - daft little thing!
      Dann gets the peanut butter cups as I can't have peanuts - he's one happy bunny I tell ya! ;)


  3. I love the range of products they sent, what a great idea. Cat approved too!

    Amy -

  4. I have only been drinking this stuff for a month and already I've felt great results. Though Green supplements doesn't taste great by any means, but the effects are really great. But, when mixed with the right stuff (like apple juice) I actually enjoy it.


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