TATTOOS: Inked Palette Art Exhibition

October 8, 2015

You’ll remember a few weeks back I blogged a little preview of a new tattoo inspired art exhibition coming soon! (See post here) Well at the weekend myself, Dann and my best friend Grace had the pleasure of attending the opening night in Leamington Spa.

Back to the art exhibition… I’ve worked with the lovely Beccy at Inkluded before ( you cam see my interview with her on her blog here, and her interview for Illustrated Teacup here) so I was very excited when she invited me and a couple of guests along. I mean, it combines two of my favourite things, art and tattoos! What’s not to love? Plus I finally got to meet the lovely Beccy!

We had a lovely, albeit fast, visit to the Deasil Art Gallery to see the exhibitiom, but it was thoroughly worth the trip to see the amazing talent that collaborated for this project. 16 tattoooists showing casing their work in alternative mediums in a gallery. 

^^super cool tattooed rubber hand! Thanks for the photo Beccy^^

The Inked Palette art exhibition at the Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa runs from the 3rd October to the 20th October. Admission is free. See Inkluded for full details of all artists and opening times.

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  1. Emma Copland says:

    This exhibition looks amazing, I love alternative galleries just with this one wasn't so far away.

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