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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

GUIDE: Gift Ideas for a Teen Girl

Yesterday was my baby sister's birthday. Well I say baby, she's actually 19 years of age, but as I can remember her as a two year old I still see her as the baby. As she comes into her final year of being a teenager, I thought I'd share some inspiration with you for teenage girl gifts all from Primark, because to be completely honest I was slightly clueless to begin with.

I mean what do teenagers these days actually like? When I was a teen I was into glitter, blue mascara and crimping my hair. But kids are growing up so much faster now, and I've seen more 17 year olds than I would like to say who have a better make-up stash than I do, including MAC, which both bewilders and confuses in equal measure!

So on to my gift guide...

Teenage Girl Gift Guide from Primark

Teenage Girl Gift Guide from Primark

Everything is from Primark and seen on their website, so you'll need to have a scout around in your local store! Good luck!

1. Hogwarts Pyjamas
Perfect for the Harry Potter fan, and cosy for winter. This is a must for my sister.
2. Two pack of snood scarves
For the slightly warmer winter days, functional and pretty
3. "You look amazing" sign
Because every girl needs a reminder
4. Minnie Mouse mittens
All teen girls love Disney right?
5. Ariel t-shirt
And we all want mermaid hair!
6. Butterfly lights
Perfect for every girls bedroom, and won't break the bank
7. Cat and Donut socks
What's not to love, and girl needs socks right?
8. Bobble hat
This is mostly here because I really love this hat and really need it in my life, hint hint! 
9. Nail files
A girls best friend. And a staple for her beauty draw. Plus super cute!

What do you recommend for a teen girls birthday? Or even dare I say it, Christmas?


  1. Love the pj set! And the gloves! Great gift ideas :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. They are super cute! Think they might make it into my sisters Christmas gifts!

  2. I think these are great picks, with some things I would want for myself too! The Ariel tshirt is awesome. I don't have wee sisters but I have a wee cousin who is 11 and so grown up that I struggle to pick out things for her. I was thinking some fun clothes for Christmas this year, but I will definately give Primark a go as looks like they have a fun selection. I totally know what you mean about the makeup...I swear I only discovered Mac about 5 years ago! Li x


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