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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: Why I love Christmas

So I guess it kind of goes without saying that this time of year is amongst most peoples favourites. I mean it's the festive season which means being festive right?

And there are so many reasons to love this time of year...

Food. Oh my gosh the food! I swear I eat more cheese at this time of year than should be humanly possible! Plus what is it with the sheer volume of food available at all times?! AND the desserts. For the sweet tooth in me, I go to heaven with all the puddings!!

There's also the family visits. As we live about an hour and a half from both sets of parents we tend to go home for a couple of days during Christmas to see as many people as possible!! In fact one of my favourite places is at Danns parents, in their living room in front of the fire. That log burner is just the best for keeping super toasty!!

Presents. And I don't just mean receiving them. Yes that is all good but I actually totally love giving presents. I love shopping for presents especially for ladies and there's just something so rewarding in giving a gift that you know is totally that person!

And what's not to love about the decorations EVERYWHERE!! The high street is covered in lights and reds and greens and gold. Southampton turns into a christmas market with wooden shacks and outside bars. It's such a jolly happy atmosphere. And all those twinkly lights, is there anything more lovely at Christmas time? I love them!
ur most of all I love Christmas because it's just so happy. You only have to look on twitter to see all the happy festive tweets and 100's of giveaways to spread joy.
I mean it really is just a wonderful time of the year!!

What do you love about Christmas?


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