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Thursday, 21 January 2016

BLOGGING: Meet my January advertisers

All too soon it appears we have moved into another month, and boy has January flown by!
But with it comes brand new advertisers to Illustrated Teacup. 

So without further ado...

January Advertiser Eyeliner Flicks
The gorgeous Gill from Eyeliner Flicks graces my sidebar as the winner of my 26th birthday competition back in November. 
Her blog is the perfect collection of beauty, lifestyle and the alternative. Basically she's my kinda girl! Plus this girl knows a good eyeliner flick... Girl got skills! 
You can follow Gill on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

January Advertiser Sweety Wedding
My second advertiser is my first ever business supporter, which is super exciting for me! 
Sweety Wedding is a cute and affordable online bridal store, and for anyone that knoes me, they will tell you I'm a total sucker for a wedding! I just love them! 
Sweety Wedding sell wedding dresses at a great budget as well as completing the bridal package with accessories and bridesmaids dresses too. Not ready for a wedding yet? Their prom dresses are perfect for school leavers or a very special formal occasion. I really need a special occasion to wear a really pretty dress! (though I wouldn't fit it for long!)

If you're interested in joining my sidebar I am currently taking space for February and March. For full details see here or email me at 

*sponsored post

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