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Sunday, 10 January 2016

LIFESTYLE: The importance of family memories

The new year always gets me thinking and reflecting on the past year and working on resolutions for the year ahead. However, I'm not really making any resolutions this year, apart from no meals on the sofa - which lets be honest you guys probably don't care about. But I do love a good reflection.

In fact whilst tidying our spare room (yes I'm nesting early, and apparently continuously!) I found my old baby diary. It's a 70 year life diary that was gifted to my mother when I was born. The first 10 years or so of my life are documented in monthly reviews, including all my baby and child milestones. It's actually really sweet to read through.

I guess it got me thinking about how we record our memories today.
We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Perhaps you load photos onto Flickr too.
Bloggers, particularly lifestyle bloggers, pretty much have it covered for recording memories. Their blogs, much like mine, document their lives, storing it online, including photos. And family, parent and mummy bloggers, can record their little ones growing up. But we don't put everything up on the internet do we. Let's be honest, we all edit. We play down the rough parts, and sometimes exaggerate the good bits. I'll admit, I try my very hardest to make this blog as happy and positive a place as I can, though I do keep it as realistic as I can too. But that's the thing about online sharing, we don't want others to see us struggle, or in pain, or have complete strangers know every single detail of our lives. So this record is biased.

I like my life diary as it can be used to record everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Because to be honest, there aren't many people who are going to see it. Yes I will look back at it. I'll probably read it through with Dann when we're old and sitting in our rocking chairs together (that's my happy wish for my last days) and I'll more than likely pass it on to my children in the hopes it becomes a family heirloom.

But what about memories for the rest of our soon-to-be family? Well Dann bought me a beautiful record book for Baby Bee from Paperchase (similar here) which is the perfect starting point for collecting our baby memories.

I'm also keeping a little journal with weekly updates on my pregnancy, and the first year of Baby Bee's life. I'm hoping it will also help with my monthly pregnancy blog posts, and totally used the most beautiful notebook I own!

Also if you fancy getting crafty, this DIY memory box is perfect for displaying those big life events such as weddings and babies - you know I'm making one for Baby Bee!

So what about you guys and gals? How will you be recording your memories for the future? Leave me your comments below!


  1. I actually started my blog as a sort of online diary! I used to keep a diary up until the age of about 16 and missed being able to look back at what I'd been up to the year before. As you said, social media makes this easy to do these days and I have to admit, i do like the "on this day" feature on Facebook. I've also been doing a "photo a day" project that I'm now in my 3rd year of - even though it's just a little snapshot of a moment in a single day, I can still look at each pictures and remember exactly what I was up to!

    1. I would so love to do a photo a day challenge. I think I'm going to try it when baby is born. A photo each day for their first year! Xx

  2. this is so adorable! I used to keep a daily dairy and it's defiantly something I want to start again!

    I love your blog and wish you the best new year! xx

    1. I definitely want to do this more!
      And thank you so much that is so sweet! Xx

  3. We've been clearing our loft ready to move and I've found lots of family memory stuff including photos and a book. With both my parents passed away, these are so important to me. Digital just isn't the same for me...printed photosand a book feels so much more tangible x

    1. Oh bless you huni. A photobook is so much nicer than digital I agree. That's why I had my wedding photos printed. It's important to keep memories physical. Xx

  4. I'm nowhere near having a baby (need to actually find a partner first haha!) but I definitely want to keep some sort of album/scrapbook when I do... You should have a look at project life and smashbooks! The Project life youtube community especially has a lot of mum's documenting their children's lives through photos and memories.

    1. That sounds like a cute idea! I'll definitely have a look! x


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