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Monday, 4 January 2016

LIFESTYLE: Life Lately - December

Can you believe it is already January?? And it's 2016 people!!!
Anyway, it's about time I did a little look back at December.

As you can probably imagine it was a busy one. Even more so as we had our baby news to announce to family and friends!! And OMG the scan - that was definitely the highlight of December, if not the entire YEAR!!

Aside from that, we had the usual Christmas preparations which this year included a few homemade bits including honeycomb, brownies and biscuit cake.

We've started work on our nursery including work on the flooring and painting the skirting boards and built in wardrobe admittedly it is currently a cupboard, but it will become a wardrobe soon!) And we finally have heating back in our house after a month (possibly more) of no heating. Thank goodness for a mild winter so far!!

We've also visited many friends and family which has made this month just that little bit more special. In fact one of my favourite days of the month was being back at the Bradford parental home, with the entire family all in for Sunday lunch. With our baby news, a new baby from Dann's sister and a hilarious nearly three year old, we had many many laughs, and far too much food!
On top of this, we spent a day with my good friend in Bognor with her gorgeous and delightful girls, as well as a surprise visit from her earlier in the month. I have to say I feel very blessed knowing her little family.

So overall we had a good December. It hasn't been the easiest as I've been out of work, but trying to focus on the positives and letting what will be, be. Which is definitely going to be my ethos for 2016.

How was your December? Leave me some comments below. 


  1. Congrats again on the baby news! It sounds like you had a perfect holiday!

    1. Thank you! Yes was lovely. Can't wait for the next one! xx


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