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Friday, 8 January 2016

FOOD: t+ wellness tea - getting a natural boost this winter

t+ wellness drinks
New year, new you? Good for you!
Personally, I'm terrible at resolutions so have decided not to bother. But being pregnant, I am paying more attention to what I am putting into my body.
I'm in the second trimester which means I'm starting to feel more like myself again (yay no more nausea!!) and that means I can get back to my normal routines and eating habits, with a little improvement. But pregnancy does have some health downsides to be considered including reduced immunity (hence the need for a flu jab - check) and fatigue (um where is that energy boost I'm supposed to get that all the books describe?).

So when t+ wellness tea* contacted me about their teas I knew they would be perfect for a January pick-me-up and get me well on the road of looking after myself in 2016.

t+ wellness drinks

t+ wellness drinks

About the teas: They're green teas blended with all-natural real fruit pieces and functional herbs, plus have added essential vitamins to make vitamin-enriched wellness teas. They include a mix of daily essential vitamins and are high in antioxidants, as well as containing no chemicals or artificial ingredients. On top of that, they have split their range to target specific functions; t+immunity, t+detox, t+boost and t+multi-vitamin.

Being pregnant I chose t+boost* and t+immunity*. t+boost blends raspberry and pomegranate to give an energy boost, with a little help from added Vitamin B. This is perfect for me, especially in the afternoon as a natural and effective pick-me-up. t+immunity blend orange and blueberry with added Vitamin C to aid your natural defences against colds, which is so important in the winter months, and works great as a morning starter.

Both have really mild flavours, with just a hint of the fruits. I really love green tea so these were perfect as they weren't as strongly flavoured as a fruit tea, and were really refreshing. And the t+boost has really helped with my afternoon lull.

Their other teas also look amazing and I imagine a t+detox would be hugely popular in January after the Christmas over-indulgence!

So if you fancy something new in your mug this January, try t+ wellness teas.

Let me know if you've tried any, or if you can recommend any other teas I should try!
*contains PR samples


  1. Well said! There are perfect tea for pregnancy in fact tea has the essential elements.

    1. They are so helping me right now with my cold... loving the immunity tea!


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