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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

BABY: From a mother to another with Jojo Maman Bebe

From a mother to another campaign
Today I'm bringing you a little campaign which I think is so worthwhile and important, especially as a mumma-to-be. 
Jojo Maman Bebe have re-started their campaign this year to help provide vulnerable families in the UK and Syrian refugees with clothing for young children, and reduce landfill waste. 

This is such an important campaign as it works with a number of organisations, but also contributes to a wider problem that affects everyone, not just those with little families. 

So what exactly is the campaign? 
Jojo will be collecting good quality outgrown or unwanted children's clothing (ages 0-6 years) at their 72 stores across the UK. The aim is to reduce the level of clothing being dumped in landfills and provide clothing via food banks to the UK's vulnerable and disadvantaged families, and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

According to Jojo Maman Bebe "Nearly a third of the UK’s clothing ends up in landfill, equating to 350,000 tonnes a year. By extending the life of clothes by just three months of active use, carbon and water waste could be reduced by up to 5-10% a year. Sending good quality, little worn hand-me-downs to those in need could mean they are worn by many more children."

So how can you help?
Make up two or three complete outfits from your children's little worn or outgrown or nearly new clothing, sizes 0-6 years. 
Clean and check you would be happy to put your child in the outfit too!
Place in a clear plastic bag and mark with the gender and age group, and season. E.g. 0-3 months/female/summer
Drop off at a Jojo Maman Bebe store (see store list here) between the 2nd February and the 5th March 2016. 

In exchange Jojo Maman Bebe are offering a £5 gift voucher as a thank you for two or more packages completed and donated to store. (One voucher per customer - valid on a £35 minimum spend)

I know a few families with little ones who would certainly take part in this worthwhile campaign, and I'll be digging through the donated bits that we have for anything we don't want to use to put something together as well. 

Remember every little outfit will be going to a child in need and contributing to reducing waste in landfills that are already overfilled.  

From a mother to another campaign

From a mother to another campaign
The partner charities in Lebanon:
Viva, Offre Joie, SOS Children’s Villages and Syrian Relief.

For information on how to donate, please visit

Visit Jojo Maman Bebe on Twitter to be kept up to date with donations and news. 

Collaboration post with Jojo Maman Bebe


  1. This is such a fabulous cause on all fronts! Thank you for sharing and raising awareness!!!

    1. It's such a lovely initiative and for so many different causes in one. Xx

  2. Those are the best tips ever!


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