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Friday, 5 February 2016

FOOD: Balsajo Black Garlic - a unique take on traditional garlic

Balsajo Black Garlic

Black Garlic, nope I'd never heard of it either. But as a massive foodie, I just knew I had to find out more! 

I was kindly sent a couple of boxes of their ready to eat Balsajo Black Garlic* to try out. 

For the first taste test, Dann ate some raw. He loves raw garlic anyway, so of course he had to try it as it markets itself as a sweet balsamicky garlic, with a milder taste than traditional white garlic. 
We're going to be trying this with olives to marinate them, probably with some chilli's and harissa - yum right!

Balsajo recommend trying with scrabbled eggs, or in a mushroom and garlic risotto - I think the second is a definite dinner winner, as well as in homemade chilli con carne. Dann makes a mean chilli and I think this will add a new depth to a family favourite. 
We are also rather looking forward to trying this onion and black garlic soup recipe - yum!!

So what exactly is Black Garlic? 
It's basically white garlic that has been aged to give a new and unique flavour. It is aged in a controlled environment, here in the UK, with absolutely nothing extra added. 

And because nothing extra is added, and the garlic isn't meddled with, it has all of the same, and even some extra health benefits associated, which is a great bonus for little pregnant me. 

Balsajo Black Garlic

If you're looking for some extra inspiration for cooking with Balsajo, check out their twitter, facebook or instagram for some amazing and unique ideas. I know what we'll be doing this month! Keep an eye out on my instagram and twitter for my recipes! I'll also add links to the end of this post as and when we use the garlic too! 

You can pick up full black bulbs in Sainsburys, or purchase any of their products online on their website

*PR Sample


  1. I was watching Mary Berry's new show 'Foolproof Cooking' the other night and she visited a garlic farm (or whatever the correct name is lol) and they had about 46 different varieties and black garlic was one of them and I was so intrigued! Might have to look for this and get some to try :)

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. Wow I had no idea there was so many types of garlic!!
      I would definitely recommend this stuff though!


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