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Monday, 15 February 2016

LIFESTYLE: Why it's ok to pay for a brand

This is a topic I've never really touched upon but recently came up in day to day life and I thought I would address it. Why it's totally ok to pay for a brand name.

As you probably know, everyone has an opinion on purchasing, whether its their own, or someone elses. You often see people condemning others on a shopping splurge, or congratulating on a bargain buy; and this is even more apparent for big life events such as birthdays, weddings and babies.

Some of you may know I'm quite thrifty. I was brought up in a low-income household (by nomeans did I go without, but money was tight) so I have a huge amount of respect for money and its value. I rarely overspend and will always look for a bargain. Most importantly I'm a savvy saver and a planner.

But to the point of this post, sometimes I do think it's perfectly ok to pay that little bit more for a brand name.

Take Lush for instance. Lets be honest £3-4 for a bath bomb which you can only use once is probably not a money-savvy item, BUT we buy them none the less. We love them. We pay for the Lush name because we trust them, we know them and we like or even love them. With Lush products we know the ingredients are sourced ethically and are super natural, they make their products in the UK kitchen and they do not test on animals. So we pay extra knowing that.

For big life events it's even more ok to pay for a name. We hire suits fom Moss Bros, that are literally worn for one day, but we pay out happily because we trust their quality and insurance. For babies we tend to spend out on travel systems and carseats. Lets be ho ezt, they aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but we are all usually willing to oay a little more for a name we know. Especially first time parents, we just want to know our babies are comfortable and most importantly safe, and that is usually helped by buying a bran that is widely known.

And I don't think that's a bad thing. Like tattoos, you pay for what you get. Pay too little and you risk buying bad workmanship and potentially having to pay out again later down the line.
And these brands work hard for their reputations. Moss Bros, Mamas and Papas, John Lewis, Apple are all household names because they work hard at producing great products and marketing them effectively, so why shouldn't they charge a little more? We do the same with our blogs, as we grow our rates increase. Or we expect higher salaries or benefits as we develop our careers and increase our knowledge and achieve our goals and targets,

Of course, lets not be silly and only spend on big name brands. There are still loads of amazing independent businesses that need our support, but also don't feel guilty for spending a little more for a name if you wish too.

Have you been judged for spending on a name? Share your stories below!


  1. I agree that you get what you pay for, especially with tattoos. Some might think what I pay is crazy but I do my research and go to the best artist for the job! It's something that will be on my body for my entire life, not the time to be cheap!

    1. Oh definitely! I literally could preach the tattoo and cost! In fact I do all the time. Cheap isn't good, and good isn't cheap! Xx

  2. I kind of feel like clothes either look good or they don't, and their provenance doesn't change that - but if wearing a label will make you feel more special on a special occasion then go for it!


    1. I do agree with you there. Though sometimes I do think it's worth investing on a key item as you know it's going to last. I do this for handbags a bit as I know Accessorize ones last years so happy to pay a little extra. Xx


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