BABY: Pregnancy update – February – weeks 19 – 22

February 24, 2016

Pregnancy Update 19-22 weeks

It’s been a fairly quiet few weeks in term of baby updates with a few semi-major reports but a few little developments along the way.
I’m currently 23 weeks + two days into my pregnancy and well into the second trimester, supposedly the easiest part of the pregnancy. Bump is starting to come in, but is still very manageable as not too big yet, although I do have days where I feel gigantic, even though I know I’m really not.

The biggest thing for the last few weeks was our 20 week anomaly scan. All is very well and baby is looking perfectly normal. As you may know from this post, we have not found out the gender, so will be having a little surprise come June. It was a tough decision especially after reading a few gender reveal blog posts, but I’m really happy with our decision. The scan wasn’t all fun which was a shame as I had to have an internal scan to check the placement of the placenta, but all turned out absolutely fine in the end and no more scans required at this time.

Dann also got to feel Baby Bee move for the first time at 19 weeks + six days, and has since felt movement almost daily. I have to admit I was over the moon that he felt a kick, and has felt many more since as I think it makes it a little more real for him. We also saw my tummy move from the kicks whilst I was in the bath at 21 weeks + 6 days. Was a funny moment as I caught it out of the corner of my eye and called Dann to come look. Both of us staring intently at my stomach, but there was no mistaking it. Dann of course see’s this as a sign that Baby Bee wants to take up Tae Kwondo just like Daddy!

Finally I’ve started plans for my baby shower and am working with my lovely hosts on a theme for the afternoon, now that a date has been decided. I’ve even designed the invitations which I will share at a later date. I adore them and can’t wait to give them out.

Pregnancy Update 19-22 weeks

So for now I’ll give you my little updates below and see you in a few weeks with another update.

Weeks: 19 – 22 weeks.

Bump: Now past my breasts which is pretty significant and definitely looking pregnant now. Not in the maternity wear yet, but have been having a little browse, especially for workwear. In the meantime I’ve plenty of belts and loose-fit tops and dresses to keep me going. 

Food: Very happily introduced runny poached egg back to my diet after reading that runny eggs are classed as low-risk in pregnancy as long as they are British Red Lion stamped. I was completely overjoyed to read the article on it as I have been craving them like mad recently. Apart from that diet is basically the same as normal with occasional sweet cravings.

Sleep: Varied. I have to get up a lot to pee. Or at least a lot for a person who used to sleep through the night. I’m also getting occasional hip pains from lying on my side, but nothing major. 

Feeling: Pretty much myself apart from the occasional hormonal breakdown which are completely unpredictable and totally irrational. Bring me all the cake. 

Best thing of the month: It’s a tie between the 20 week ultrasound anomaly scan and Dann feeling the baby move for the first time. 

Worst thing of the month: Peeing like it’s going out of fashion. I literally get up between 1-4 times a night which is a little wearing but I guess something I just have to get used to. 

Looking forward to: Starting my new job and starting baby shower preparation. And meeting to discuss a maternity and baby shoot for May/June. Plus another midwife appointment next week so I’ll get to hear babies heartbeat again.

Pregnancy Update 19-22 weeks

^^me at 22 weeks + 2 days, and my first maternity top from eBay^^

You can catch my previous pregnancy update here.
(Above inspired by Mandy at One Slice of Lemon)

So until next month!!

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