BABY: Pregnancy update – March – weeks 23-27

March 30, 2016

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks

So far, touch wood, I’ve had a relatively simple pregnancy – posting at 28 weeks + 2 days – which I have to admit is nice.
As anyone that knows me well, I’m hyper-organised, so we’ve been getting a few little things sorted with the nursery and planning my baby shower.

I had my 25 week midwife appointment which went as well as can be expected. Despite forgetting my notes and having a different midwife, anyway. Baby Bee’s heartbeat is currently at 142bpm and very active, like I didn’t know!!

We seem to be settling into a waking routine between us, which includes lots of kicks at 8am, 11am, 2pm 4pm and 7pm and sometimes between 9pm-11pm. It’s a nice little routine and bodes well hopefully for when they come into the world!

We’ve also started sorting out all the baby clothes we’ve been collecting, including some new purchases (the above Badger jumper/cardigan from John Lewis was an obvious purchase for us, so thank you Dann – can we also appreciate the uber cuteness of John Lewis baby clothing). Plus I’ve had a little sort of the nursery, though we have a long way to go yet!

We’ve actually been really thifty so far with buying baby bits, and are holding off buying too much until after my baby shower in April when we can re-assess what we’ve been kindly gifted and what remains on our list. However I couldn’t resist the below baby playmat from Mothercare, and we got it for an absolute bargain thanks to a great sale price and a Mothercare voucher (similar here).

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks

As for baby clothes we’re slowly growing a nice little collection and have boys and girls bits boxed awaiting Baby Bee’s arrival. But the gender neutral items are certainly growing, and I kind of love them. You can see my recent wishlist here.

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks

Pregnancy update 23-27 weeks


Jedi babygrow from Ebay

Two pack of Kimono babygrows from H&M (in the sale – similar here)

Three pack of sleepsuits from Mothercare (in the sale – here)

Apart from that we are just taking each day as it comes. 

Weeks: 23 – 27 weeks

Bump: All out front!!! Yep the bump is definitely getting bigger by the week but still able to fit into 80% of my wardrobe as I wear a lot of dresses. Of course the high-waisted jeans and skirts have gone into storage, but my low-rise jeans are still getting some use. And no stretch marks yet either!!    

Food: Still experiencing a major sweet too. Though I am also kind of in love with cheese scones!

Sleep: Actually got better during weeks 24-27, despite having a cold. Though I am now consistently having to get up twice a night to pee.  

Feeling: Pretty good. I sometimes feel a little lost with my own body as it’s changing so much, but generally I’m feeling pretty positive. 

Best thing of the month: Picking up some extra bits for the nursery. And starting work on my baby shower. 

Worst thing of the month: Heartburn is steadily making a return. Lots of milk for this mumma.  

Looking forward to: Baby shower next month and a few other little surprises that will be up on the blog during April!

You can catch my previous pregnancy update here and here.
(Above inspired by Mandy at One Slice of Lemon)

So until next month!!

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  1. Jasmine Potts says:

    Our babies have matching Jedi onesies 😉 Your collection of stuff is all so cute! I've been preventing myself from buying too many clothes due to the simple fact I know the majority of people will buy her clothes! Things like nappies and wipes etc have been on my buy list lately instead! Which I guess is handy!Glad to see you're getting on so well in your pregnancy and not having many issues! Quite jealous to be frank! haha, especially of the lack of stretch marks! Mine are steadily starting to climb up my bump but they're not reaching any higher than a few cm below my belly button!Hope it all keeps going well and I hope you enjoy your baby shower! Will be keeping an eye out for more updates!Jasmine ♡

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