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Friday, 18 March 2016

FASHION: Top ASOS maternity wear picks

There are many plus sides to pregnancy including the glow, the joy of carrying a child and being allowed to eat pretty much what you like without judgement.
However there are also a large number of negatives including heart burn, backache, tiredness and hormone weirdness. On top of that your growing body needs re-clothing as your bump starts to stretch out your normal clothing, and if like me, you're a fan of high waisted bottoms, well they're in storage shortly after you announce the pregnancy.

I've started looking into maternity wear, especially for work, as it is becoming time to admit defeat and wave goodbye to a large proportion of my old wardrobe.
I'm not going to lie, finding nice looking and affordable maternity clothing is difficult. It seems most retailers think it is acceptable to charge £25 for a maternity t-shirt, which is almost identical to the £7 one for non-pregnant ladies. And it's hardly like its THAT much more fabric. But I've searched the net and landed on ASOS as a top winner for affordable and fashionable maternity clothing.

From left to right

As you can see I'm most definitely a dress girl, especially as I'm going to be at my largest in the spring and early summer. I figure I can wear maternity tights if it's a little chilly. As you can also see I'm a fan of navy, black and white, and literally no patterns, they just clash with my tattoos.

Have you been maternity wear shopping? Where do you recommend?



  1. Rach have you tried New Look and H&M they were my staple favourites whilst carrying bump and some reasonably priced items x x x

    1. I do like the basics from both, but not sure sure about their workwear. Definitely trying to make my normal wardrobe last as long as possible.

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