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Saturday, 23 April 2016

LIFESTYLE: A letter for a gentle man

Today is St George's Day in England. Not a massively celebrated event I will admit, but for me personally it's a day of significance. 

This is quite a personal post inspired by a chapter from the Unmumsy Mum book (it's excellent by the way) and a 4am moment of reminiscing. I think part of it came from a discussion with Dann about summer trips back home when Baby Bee arrives.

So why is St George's Day important to me. Because of my Grandad, Gordon St George Lewis. As you can probably guess from his name he was born on St George's Day. Unfortunately he is no longer with us.

I've never believed in heaven or hell, reincarnation (though if I did I'd be asking to be a cat in my new life) or anything else. I believe when we die we're gone. But our spirit is kept alive in the memories and stories that are told about us, our legacy.

So here I am keeping the memory of my Grandad alive, for as long as I can because he was an amazing guy.

He's the man who brought my mother up to be the amazing, resilient, hilarious and wonderful human being that she is.

He inspired my undying love for travel. His adventures around the globe made me want to see what the world has to offer and I've in no way finished that journey yet!

He's with me everyday. I think it was my third and most painful tattoo but a rose and his name rests on my foot.

He was with me on my wedding day, both on our order of service and in a more subtle way. When I was younger my mum laid four roses at the golf course where his ashes were scattered; one red for her, three white for my sisters and I. On my wedding day, my bouquet was made up of all red roses and one white in centre, as a token to have him with me. In fact he inspired my wedding venue with a book when I was a child. 

It's the little things in our everyday that keep our loved ones with us. And although I can't say I think of him everyday, I think of him when it's important, on the milestones, when I know he would have laughed his head off or been proud.

But back to those summer trips. Most of all I want to visit home with my little one, go to the park in Marlow and feed the ducks and swans by the river. Because that's what I did with my Grandad, and they'll do it with their Grandpa and Nanna, because memories like those last a lifetime. 



  1. This was such a sweet letter Rachel. It's so true how your loved ones never leave you because they constantly inspire things you do, consciously or not. My granddad's 3rd anniversary of his death is next month and you've inspired me to write a similar letter to him - so your granddad has now inspired a stranger too! That's the beauty of life I suppose!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    1. If you do, please do link me so I can take a look. Means the world to inspire others!! Xx


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