BABY: Becoming a dad for the first time (special guest post)

May 4, 2016

Today I have a special guest post. 
Dann is really heavily included in my blogging being such a massive part of my life. He’s featured in posts, and he’s played photographer for me more times than I can say. But today he’s written a blog post. I’ve had no say in the direction he’s taken apart from the title to help him just a little.

So here it is, pregnancy from the dad’s perspective:

First things first happy Star Wars day!! I can’t think of any better day to do a post for Rach about me becoming a father (no our child will not be called Luke or Leia as they got vetoed ages ago) and the pregnancy so far.

Things have been pretty good to date and now at 33 +2 we are into the final straight with almost everything in place.

It still only feels like yesterday that Rach told me she was pregnant, it’s so vivid in my mind and i’m sure it’ll be there to stay as one of my happiest memories.

I’ve always wanted children and pretty much ever since i met Rach all the way back in 2008 I knew she was the one that i wanted to share the experience of parenthood with.

I had a substantial list of things to achieve before 30 (buy a house, get married, earn my age) and starting a family is the last and possibly most important thing on the list for me to put a giant tick next to!

The first few months Rach was suffering quite a bit with morning sickness which was quite tough for me to watch as i knew there wasn’t much I could do to help but just make sure that ginger biscuits were on tap.

After the sickness had calmed down it was time for our first little look at little Bee at the 12 week scan. This was magical, I cannot describe what really went through my mind when i saw the little blob on the screen but my heart just melted and i was immediately in love them.

We then went off to tell the parents just before Christmas (great way to tie it in with the Christmas visit). I was so nervous to show Rach’s mum and dad (It took me 45 minutes to just ask their permission to marry Rach!!) I was a lot more calm telling my mum and Dad as I kinda knew how they’d react based on how they were when my sister had her little ones.

Just after the new year things started to sink in that I was going to be a Dad and by now the entire world also knew so I decided I needed to have a nickname for our child. I didn’t want to call them bump or peanut or even jelly bean, I wanted something unique so I did a little bit of googling and came up with “Keith”!! Given this is rather gender specific (and we do not know what we are having) but this was so brilliant I had to use it. Rach didn’t quite see this name in the same way I did (although her parents still use it!!) so I then decided to change it to little dragon as this is what we call the under 5’s in my Taekwondo school which was much more of a success. I have now however started to adapt the nickname little Bee as this is how Rach refers to them and i really think it is really sweet and unique.

Out little Bee has slowly been growing now for 33 weeks and 2 days and with their growth my responsibilities around the house have also been growing, I am now chief toe nail polisher, lifter of heavy things and masseur.

To be honest if i sum it all up I have had it pretty easy during Rach’s pregnancy as it has been very straightforward which has allowed us to continue a very normal (for us) life full of adventure and fun. I cannot wait to meet out little Bee and start to include them on all of our adventures, especially when it comes to Halloween, I have so many daddy/child ideas (Stormtrooper and Vader, Skywalker and Yoda, C3PO and R2D2, Chewie and an Ewok, Obi Wan and young Anakin (can you spot the theme).

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time,enjoy the rest of star wars day and may the force be with you!

6 responses to “BABY: Becoming a dad for the first time (special guest post)”

  1. Natasha Fairbrother says:

    So lovely to read daddy's perspective 🙂 great guest post and such exciting times for you both xxx

  2. Sammie Steers says:

    Not gunna lie, got a little choked up! Always lovely to hear what the blokes think, it's not all mummy mummy mummy! So excited to meet my little nephew/niece, you two are gunna make such wonderful parents, you both ooooze love! Xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Oh bless you!! I agree, it's also important to dad, so why not share his side!! And thank you, I hope so!! Xx

  3. Jessica Snook says:

    This is so cute Dann! Not long until Baby Bee is here!! Xx

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