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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

BABY: A gender neutral baby shower

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I celebrated my baby shower with my friends and family in Southampton. With a little help from a couple of my closest friends, and lots of food prep with Dann, we had an afternoon filled with sandwiches, cakes, bingo and baby guessing, all in lovely sunshine (for the most part).

To be honest I really hadn't expected so many people to come, and definitely did not anticipate the amount of beautiful gifts. I had such a lovely and chilled out afternoon with so many of my favourite people, and lots of food! 

**this post is very photo heavy**
Thank you to my lovely blogging friends Alice and Jess for taking so many photos - 141 in total including a few of mine before everyone arrived, and once everyone had left! And a few from my talented friend and blogger Natasha, who I really need to steal a camera from!

Some photos from the afternoon for you! 

^^this eventually turned into guess the weight and date due to a miss-hap with a three year old and a cup of orange juice on the original date guessing board^^

^^the most AMAZING cake made by my sister-in-law, and of course a little Bee!! ^^

^^all the guesses hung up! Thankfully everyone was kind and guessed around the 7lb mark and 8:5 split in favour of BOY!!^^

^^how amazing is this turquoise ombre centre?!?!? I love it so much (and no it isn't blue for a boy, we definitely have no idea what Bee is, I promise^^

^^I love fresh flowers^^

^^so many gifts, and I asked for a book instead of a card so we could begin our little children's library. I'm so amazed at how many we got in the end!^^


  1. sounds like you had a great day!
    I love the idea of bring a book instead of a card, books are so much more useful :)

    kayla |

    1. It really was very successful and we have some lovely books! Xx


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