BABY: Pregnancy update – May – weeks 32-36

May 25, 2016

Wow is time flying by now. I can’t quite believe I’m 36 weeks pregnant now! It feels like only yesterday that I saw the words ‘pregnant’ on my test!! It’s been a real mix of activity over the last few weeks as we get the final bits and pieces sorted ready for Bee’s arrival. I actually think we are fully ready for Bee’s arrival now having bought EVERYTHING on our list and collecting our travel system last week. You can see our nursery in this post.

I also had my baby shower at the very end of April which was so lovely. You can read all about it here.

I’m really quite proud of how much we’re prepared – well as much as you can be for a baby and a huge change to your life. But I’m so so ready for this next chapter. I’m ready for the ups and downs. The sleepless nights. Bringing up a human being in a harsh and difficult world. But most of all for all the adventures, laughter and memories waiting to be made. I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life, I’m going to love being a mother.

I’ve had my 34 week check up with my midwife and all is looking good with baby, measuring at 34cm, 141bpm heartbeat and 4/5 engaged. Yes there is a chance Bee could move in and out of being engaged over the next couple of weeks but baby has stayed put for the last few weeks so fingers crossed we’re getting ready to come out!

We also visited the New Forest Birth Centre in Ashurst, Hampshire as part of our antenatal classes. We were already pretty sold on midwife-led units but the visit really settled my mind and convinced me 100% that it is where I would like to give birth (if possible). The birthing rooms felt really calming and a nice environment, far from the clinical feel of a labour ward, but still safe, which is important to me as I know a true hospital feel will make me more anxious. I also really like the idea of being able to move and hate the idea of being tied down with wires. I know natural/water births aren’t for everyone, and things could certainly change on the day but I’m feeling a lot more confident going in!

Some photos from the last few weeks.

Weeks: 32-36 weeks

Bump: Still growing at what feels like a rapid rate. Have also started collecting stretch marks which I guess was an inevitability considering how far out front I’m growing. I’m actually more OK with them than I thought I would be.I do really believe that every part of your body tells a story,scars, tattoos and stretch marks. Let’s be honest growing a baby is pretty tough on the body, it’s going to take it’s toll somewhere! 

Food: I feel like I’m eating us out of house and home most days, but I am trying to eat some good stuff, like plenty of fruit at work.

Sleep: I’ve definitely been suffering with some pregnancy insomnia which is a little tricky, but at least I was somewhat productive with my time and wrote out some blog posts at 4am.   

Feeling: I’m gradually getting less and less comfortable with some hip pains and very occasional contractions, especially if I stand up from sitting down for a while. Emotionally I’m still feeling pretty good, and knowing that we have everything sorted has really calmed my mind and taken the burden off.   

Best thing of the month: My baby shower at the very end of last month was so great. I was very thoroughly spoilt and overwhelmed. Getting our maternity shoot prints back was also a highlight towards the end of last month. 

Worst thing of the month: Honestly I really can’t complain about too much bar the lack of sleep, slightly swollen ankles and uncomfy hips. Really I’ve been really lucky so far with this pregnancy so I’m going to count my blessings while I can.  

Looking forward to: The last few weeks and the final count down. Plus I’m off work from early June to get some much needed rest before Bee arrives.

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(Above inspired by Mandy at One Slice of Lemon)

So until next month!!

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  1. Mandy C says:

    Looking fab! Almost there very excited for u guys! Hard work first 8 wks but u really do forget afterwards! X

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