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Friday, 6 May 2016

FOOD: Food delivery with Degustabox

Another month, and another subscription box. 
I really truly love getting these boxes delivered home. We all love post right? And it's even better if it is food related in my book, so this is kind of the near perfect post to get each month.

The thing with subscription boxes is you never know what you're going to get until it arrives. Yes that can be a little risky as you don't know if you're going to like the entire contents or not, but I think that is half the fun of the boxes. You get to try lots of things, that you might not have picked up otherwise. Since trying Degustabox* I've tried a huge range of different foods, drinks and snacks, and some I've really loved and have gone on to buy separately. Yeah some things have been a bit of a miss, and unfortunately I've not had any of the alcohol products due to being pregnant for 90% of the deliveries, but I think Dann is secretly a little pleased about that!

Oh and did I mention that the boxes are great for cats?? 
Inside April's Degustabox:
Green Lady - Sparkling Tea
A summery twist on a green tea favourite. Very refreshing
Parle - Rusk
We all loved Rusks when we were kids, and these are even better. Perfect when served with tea for a mid-morning snack 
Parle - Parle G
Another sweet treat perfect with tea! ;)
Kervangida - Bebeto
These are so good,and absolutely perfect for lunchboxes, plus they're 85% fruit juice so good for you too. 
Rejuvenation Water - Water
Yummy, but I wasn't allowed much of it as I'm pregnant and it does come with precautions.
Veetee - Basmati Rice
Quick and easy for curry night
Veetee - Wholegrain + Quinoa Rice
A healthy alternative for the above.
Pop Chips - Crisps
Another perfect FRiday night in front of the sofa snack. 
Diageo Pimms - Cider
Dann seemed to love this, but then Pimms and Cider are a great collaboration and perfect for summer! 
Levi Roots - Coat n Cook Marinade
So looking forward to trying this out one Friday or Saturday night with chips, slaw and corn on the cob :)
Merisant - Canderel
The best alternative for sugar, and I probably do need to cut back on my sugar intake.
Nestle  - Milkyway Milk Chocolate
So good, and again perfect for lunchboxes. The crunchy middles are really quite delightful. 
Nestle  - Smarties block
A very naughty treat, but boy was it yum. I'm not going to lie,this went down FAST!!

If you fancy yourself your very own box delivered to your door - get £6 off with my discount code BLDEG15.

*PR Sample

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