FOOD: Summer Lamb

May 20, 2016

Lamb has to be one of my favourite meats, even if I do feel a little guilty eating it sometimes. I love it as a roast dinner – smothered in mint sauce of course! And it also makes a great winter dinner option, like in this mustard lamb recipe I blogged earlier this year.

When I was asked by Tasty Easy Lamb to share a lamb recipe that proves lamb isn’t just for roasts I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

Lamb may be considered an autumn/winter meat, but with the right ingredients it’s a fab summer meat too.

Inspired by Greece, I’m sharing my Lamb pittas, perfect for a sunny weekend lunch, or add wedges and buttery corn on the cob for a simple and easy dinner option on a hot day.

Lamb – any cut but we chose steaks
Pittas/flat bread pockets
English Mustard
Feta cheese
Tomatoes – plum, baby or cherry are perfect
Natural yoghurt – low-fat if you fancy
Mushrooms – button or flat work well

I like to prep before I cook so I cut the lamb into strips as well as one flat mushroom and four or five cherry tomatoes, and dice the feta cheese.

For the dressing, I made Tzatiki dip with low-fat yoghurt, cucumber and mint. You don’t need much, just a few slices of cucumber and about six leaves of mint, finely chopped and mixed together.

I also marinaded the meat, completely up to you, but I love mustard and lamb together and it really adds something to the meat. A splash of oil and a teaspoon of English Mustard is all you need in a bowl and then mix the strips of lamb into it making sure they’re well covered.

Into the pan they go to be cooked through until mostly cooked through, then add the sliced mushrooms. They will take on the oil, mustard and lamb juices and go beautifully soft. Make sure the meat is cooked through to however you like it. The mustard and oil will make a crust if cooked long enough which is delicious.

Once cooked, build your pittas! As fair warning, these are messy! But they are so so good!

Thanks to Tasty Easy Lamb for collaborating on this post, and share your lamb recipes from your blogs or favourite websites in the comments below!

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