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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

BEAUTY: Creating special fragrances with Jo Malone

There's a science behind smells and their significance to us. An odd or unusual smell, or even a really familiar one can bring back long lost memories, or remind of someone or something special to us. Our sense of smell is very closely linked to memory, in fact it is the closest sense compared to our other four senses.

Perfumes play a huge role in bringing back certain memories, or reminding us of certain people. DKNY Green Apple always reminds me of my mum for example.

So when I visited Jo Malone a little while back with the girls I was really intrigued by their service as they aim to find a scent/s perfect for you, and they even do a service to find your perfect wedding fragrance, especially for your big day. What better way to be reminded of one of the biggest days of your life than with a gorgeous scent or two.
I was a very lucky lady and was treated by some of my girlfriends to my favourite bottle of Jo Malone (nectarine blossom and honey for those interested) as a gift for my baby shower. The aim is to have a special scent that can remind me of having my first baby. I'm currently saving it for when I start to go into labour, and will be popping it in my hospital bag to take with me. I can't think of anything sweeter than having a symbol fragrance that reminds me instantly of my first born and the experience of bringing life into the world. For a girl who has terrible memory unless it's written down (hence this blog) I know this is going to really help me keep the memories alive.

As for Jo Malone, I really can't recommend their service enough. We got to sniff out lots of their fragrances based on what types of scents we liked. We were then taught all about fragrance layering, which is kind of a speciality of Jo Malone. Their fragrances are designed to work and compliment each other, and the team can help you work out what scents work well at different depths together. (FYI wood sage and sea salt is beautiful and seems to work with almost everything! Definitely on my wishlist) Then the highlight of a hand massage including our personal favourite scents, including body washes, lotions and the perfumes themselves. Super relaxing, and heavenly to be honest.

If you fancy yourself a new special fragrance, head over to Jo Malone for their free hand consultation. You can also save all your favourite fragrances in their database so you can buy again, or your friends and family can (like mine did, sneaky girls).

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