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Sunday, 22 May 2016

LIFESTYLE: Oh I do love a wedding

Last weekend we took a trip up home for a little visit with my sister.
She's getting married next year which is kind of super surreal for me. My little sister is all grown up and getting hitched. Anyway, as a lover of weddings - oh my gosh I love weddings - I could not turn down the opportunity to go wedding dress shopping with her and her best friend.

I used to work in a wedding dress shop many moons ago and it has always been a favourite place to work. There's nothing happier than helping a girl find her dream dress. Plus being surrounded by all that prettiness!

Thankfully with my baby bump I wouldn't have fit in anything so the desire to try everything on too was kept to a minimum.

We spent the morning at Ivory and Lace in Toddington, Berkshire which is a stunning collection of beautiful gowns and a great one-to-one appointment only consultation service. The customer service from Donna and her assistant I have to admit was second to none, which I know is incredibly important when your customer is planning on investing a lot of money.

Of course I had to take along my camera and grab some photos too. Wedding dress shops are just too pretty to pass up a photography session!

And you'll be pleased to hear my sister found her dress. It's so beautiful, and I am so so looking forward to seeing it all pulled together with hair and make-up next year!

^^utterly cute teacups!!^^

^^OMG this train gave me chills!!^^

^^all about them buttons^^


  1. Congratulations to your sister and good wishes for a new inning of life...

    These all elements are looking beautiful, specially the gown. It is lovely...

    1. Thank you. And isn't it - everything in a wedding dress shop is just beautiful. xx


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