BABY: A late pregnancy update – weeks 37 & 38

June 15, 2016

I wrote this post at the beginning of week 38 with no idea that at 38+6 I’d give birth to my gorgeous baby boy Henry. I’m going to keep the copy as I intended so it’s as open and honest as possible!!

I honestly can’t believe I’m 39 weeks pregnant this week (on publishing – I started writing this post at 38 weeks). I know the end is in sight, yet it still doesn’t really feel completely real.
Even with increased braxton hicks it still isn’t completely in my head that I’m going to give birth soon, like in a maximum of four weeks!

I’m now off work, with a week of annual leave, followed by my maternity leave starting at 39 weeks. I’m hoping Bee decides to show sooner rather than later so I can make the most of the time off with him/her.
My last week was an interesting one which started out slow, and finished with heaps of work, but at least I felt somewhat useful before my time off. I was greeted on my last day to gorgeous decorations at my desk, a card, flowers and a box of presents from my colleagues which if I’m totally honest I really hadn’t expected. I know pretty much everyone says that, but I really hadn’t expected a thing, maybe a card, especially as I haven’t been there long, so was pretty touched by everyone’s generosity.

In amongst cleaning, tidying and generally getting organised I had my 38 week midwife appointment. And I fit in a little light reading as well as blogging as I’ve been told repeatedly to REST!! Bee is still head down and active (140 odd beats per minute) and seems pretty happy and sticking his/her bum out for the midwife.

Apart from that I’m mostly just trying to deal with the heat which is really hard given the additional weight. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot. At least on holiday there is ice cream and cold drinks (umm I miss cocktails right now!) on top served to you. I need a little waiter and a swimming pool at my house please!

Been trying to make the most of my leave so far with lots of cleaning and blog work, plus seeing friends where possible. But I’m so ready for this baby to be out. I’m totally terrified, but so ready all at once!

Weeks: 37 & 38 weeks

Bump: I think we’ve stopped growing outwards now, but seem to be gradually dropping which is good. Means Bee is on his or her way down… and out!

Food: Nothings really changed in terms of food. I kind of just feel back to my normal self and can eat a lot more, presumably because baby has moved a little. Only occasional issue is movement when eating which can be very distracting.

Sleep: Hit and miss. Some nights are fine, apart from getting up to use the loo. Some nights are awful. Had a particularly bad night at 37 weeks which left me with 2 hours maximum sleep as I was having mild contractions/severe braxton hicks. But they went away for a number of days afterwards, shame! 

Feeling: Ready I think. We’re all packed (see my hospital bag here) and I’m off work (see maternity plans here) so I’m ready physically. Mentally I think I’m there, though it is kind of surreal still. I’m still not 100% convinced I’m going to be having a baby and actually becoming a mother.

Best bits: Knowing we’re in the final stretch. It really is what is getting me through the days. 

Worst bits: Feeling so uncomfortable. Admittedly it isn’t all the time. And sometimes I’m completely fine, and then others I just want to scream and cry… think the hormones are getting to me! 

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(Above inspired by Mandy at One Slice of Lemon)

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