BABY: What’s inside my hospital bags

June 1, 2016

We’re getting so close to Bee’s arrival and we are ready and waiting!!
As with many expectant parent’s we are planning on a hospital birth (at home just sounds like extra hard work) so have been busily pulling together hospital bags for myself and Bee.

Personally I’ve loved ready other people’s hints and tips on what they have packed to take with them, so hope that anyone reading will also find this useful.

So a bit about my birth plan (yes I know it could very well completely change on the day, but always nice to have a plan if you can). I’m hoping for a water birth at the New Forest Birth Centre, or at the very least spending some time in the birthing pool as I love being in water. I want to at least try and do it as naturally as I physically can with as little intervention as possible (fingers crossed guys and gals).

So this of course has added to what we needed in our hospital bag.
We’ve got two bags to keep us organised and make life easier, one for me – the wheeled mini suitcase, and our changing bag, for Bee’s stuff.

Inside the suitcase:
Pyjamas – I picked up this loose top from Primark for £1 which I think will be perfect for breastfeeding and not too hot either. And shorts because I just can’t do nighties!
Oversize t-shirt – this is actually a maternity top from a friend, and will be handy if I can’t give birth in water and don’t want to be starkers!!
Dressing gown – for after the birth, and isn’t it really pretty? Also from Primark and a couple of sizes too big, but will look lovely in those all important first photos.
Slippers – for cold feet, from Primark
Change of clothes – leggings and a top – these are both slightly bigger than my normal clothing as I don’t know how much my bump will go down after birth, and will obviously want to be comfy after all that hard work.
Hairbrush – duh!
Dry shampoo – just in case
Lip Salve – because gas and air is really drying apparently
Face wipes – to freshen up
Hair ties – fairly obvious this one
Bikini – for if I’m feeling a little self conscience. Tie-sided so I can get in and out of it easily
Maternity pads – a necessity
Large black briefs – advised by the midwife, and possibly more comfy than the disposable ones
Disposable briefs – just in case
Breast pads – another necessity
Maternity bra – for feeding
Sleepsuits x3 – for Bee – newborn sizes
Vest  x3 – also for Bee – newborn sizes
Mints/sweets – everyone needs snacks
Toothbrush/tooth paste – to help feel more human
Camera – I am a blogger and photography lover after all
Phone charger – probably will have a travel charger in case the hospital won’t let us plug into the wall, but we will definitely need power
Phone with playlists/headphones – creating playlists at the moment of songs to help me through the labour, thinking 90’s pop and indie rock

Inside the changing bag:
We’re trying to pack this like it would be as a normal changing bag so it’s ready and we’re in the habit early. 
Sleepsuit & vest – getting in the habit of always having a spare set of clothes – newborn size
Wipes – for fairly obvious reasons
Woollen hat – because woollen hats are better for newborns as they tend to fit better
Muslin square – just in case
Nappy bags – always be prepared
Nappies – going to need loads!
Dragon soft toy – hoping this is Bee’s favourite toy as it’s their first gift from Grandpa
Purse with spare change for parking if needed – Princess Anne Hospital doesn’t have free parking, so good to have just in case we have to go there
Spare SD card – just in case
Swaddle blanket – in case it’s a little too warm for the woollen blanket – this apple print one from Lil Cubs
Antibacterial soap – for nappy changing and generally staying clean

Maternity Notes – incredibly important!! Must not forget these!!

Of course we’re also taking a car seat with blanket which we’re leaving in the car until needed, as well as a spare pack of nappies just in case I need to stay in for any reason.

DRESS: Uniqlo (sold out) : LIPS: Make Up Revolution

What did you pack in your hospital bag for you and baby? Let me know what else you recommend!!

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