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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My top Lush products

Top Lush Product must-haves
Over the post year or so I've been developing my knowledge of the beauty industry with a little help from my blogging friends. 
In that time, I've kindled a rather happy relationship with Lush, having attended a couple of events as well, and have developed a few all time favourites. 

One of the things I really love about Lush is there limited edition collections themed on different events and holidays like Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter and Halloween. I love trying out new products that aren't going to be around for long - come at me Snow Fairy and Fluffy Egg! 

But after trying and testing out a mix of products, both on my own and from events, I've definitely found a few of my absolute favourites and go to products.

One of the first Lush products I remember buying for myself, mostly because I loved the colour. To be honest, the colour does still entice me in, but that blackcurrant-y smell is just the best scent ever. I truly love it. 

As if the bubble bar wasn't enough, they also have the Comforter Shower Cream. Yes it's as good as the bubble bar, and also works rather well as bath foam if you're low on supplies. 
A major favourite of mine and so undersold. I love citrus-y smells and this is the perfect smell of orange-y goodness. And the bath water is gorgeous in bright orange. It kind of screams Illustrated Teacup!!
An absolute must for me. As a massive fan of matte lipsticks and laquers my lips need some extra maintenance and loving. Not only does this give your lips a much needed pamper, particularly in winter, it also taste amazing - well if you like bubblegum that is!
Aimed at girls with a fro, this also works exceptionally well for girls with fine hair as a conditioner. After a lengthy chat with a girl in Lush Oxford Street, I got a little extra education, and learnt that this is great for fine hair as it's not too heavy, which is good for me as it helps keep my curls in place and less likely to loose their droop. I usually pair with my next Lush product.
Another one for curly or wavy hair to keep them looking nice and the lightness means they don't drop too soon. Perfectly matched with Avocado Co-Wash. 
Another early favourite. I love the super sweet smell from this bubble bar. And I adored making this at a past event at the Southampton store. 
And finely a super cool bath bomb. I'm really comflicted with bath bombs as I love the idea of them, but I hate that they don't last as you can only use them once, hence so many bubble bars appearing in this list. But I will make an exception for Intergalactic. I discovered this one a while back and love the bright blue and coloured swirls. And I can live with the glitter, which is saying something!

So what's your favourite Lush items? What should I be trying next? Leave your suggestions and comments below!


  1. I only tried The Comforter a few days ago and I loved it!! Intergalatic is amazing too, definitely my favourite bath bomb. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

    1. The Comforter is so good. And who doesn't love a really good bath bomb? Thanks for commenting. xx

  2. I loved this post :) Definitely going to be adding a few of these to my birthday list, I've actually never tried the lip scrub but I see so many positive things about it.


    1. It's really good, and a must for any lip colour addicts. xx

  3. I am obsessed with Lush and can't even choose my favourite product - I love them all :)

    1. This post took me ages to pull together because I love so many products xx


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