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Friday, 10 June 2016

FOOD: Hydration, Pregnancy & Stur Drinks

There are quite a lot of side effects of pregnancy, and to be honest some of them are pretty awful. Most are plain uncomfortable and mildly irritating but you can move on with your life. One of the ones that impacted me the most was water retention. Apparently I retain a lot of water, which progressively increased throughout the day, leading to some quite impressive cankles in the evenings.

Apart from keeping your feet elevated, there are a couple of other little hints and tricks I've learnt along the way to help alleviate the pressure. Much of them I learnt from dealing with foot swelling after my calf tattoo (read here) but I've picked up a few extras too.

Ice packs are an absolute life saver for swollen feet, especially in the summer when it's getting hotter. And I've found cool baths to be literally my favourite thing in the evenings. A slow walk is also really important for improving circulation which in turn helps with water retention.

But one of the most important things linked with helping water retention is hydration. Strange as it sounds, staying hydrated does alleviate the symptoms, plus it's hugely important in pregnancy in general.

To  help with this I've been trying out Stur Drinks* which aims to encourage drinking more water with natural flavourings to keep it a little interesting and tasty.

Stur is a sugar free liquid water enhancer which uses a sweetener called Stevia alongside the natural fruit juices to make their water enhancer. From a family run business, the whole concept came from wanting to be able to drink more water (especially in pregnancy), which we know isn't always easy, without all the chemicals and artificial flavours you find in many squash products in supermarkets.

These little bottles pack in 30 servings and come in a range of fruity flavours, as well as tea and coconut flavours too. They also have zero calories and are suitable for diabetics. Plus they taste amazing.

Not only have they helped increase my water intake (I have a bottle on my desk at work) during pregnancy, I know they're going to be an essential part of my life after Bee is born, especially as I plan to breastfeed and fluid intake is really essential for good milk production and keeping your energy levels up. I'm also thinking these would be great for making home-made ice lollies- yum!!

So what are your tips for keeping hydrated, in pregnancy and not? 

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