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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mocktails for the summer mumma

Summer is almost here! And we all know what that means - cider, cold beers, BBQs, strawberries and cream, sparkling wine, cocktails, scones, jams and clotted cream, more cocktails and maybe fish and chips by the sea. I love summer but as a mumma-to-be, all that alcohol is a no-no, which is a little bit of a dampener.

So I've come up with a couple of at home recipes for you mum-to-be, breastfeeding mummas, and those who just don't like or fancy the champers.

I used to work in a bar and have trained as a mixologist so know a thing or two about cocktails and what makes a great one, plus I've definitely sampled my fair share in my drinking years!

Hopefully you'll find these as refreshing and tasty as I do, perfect for that summer treat, without the hangover the next day!

And if you fancy cheating, these Funkin Cocktail mixers (thank you Alice for donating) are pretty much perfect with lemonade or sparkling water. Plus they're great for taking on picnics or to take to a family BBQ. And we all know that mum wants to do everything the easy way!

Virgin Sex on the Beach
OJ and cranberry juice

Elderflower and Apple Fizz
Apple juice, elderflower cordial and lemonade

Virgin Mojito
Soda water, lime cordial, mint and lime wedge

Ginger Apple Bomb
Ginger beer and apple juice

Peach Bellini
Peach bellini cocktail mixer and lemonade

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