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Monday, 20 June 2016

PARENTING: Welcome to the world Henry

I've finally got my bum in gear enough to share the news here....on the 12th June 2016 at 10:28 my little baby boy of 6lb 6oz entered the world at the New Forest Birth Centre in Hampshire.
Meet Henry Gordon Ian Bradford.

He arrived 8 days early much to our surprise, but I'll share details on that in a blog post in the future. For now we're enjoying that newborn smell and getting our fill of cuddles and sleep.
We're so in love!!


  1. Again, congratulations Rachel! Henry is such a little cutie pie and I'm so happy for you two! Hope you're all keeping well lovely and I'm looking forward to reading about how he came into the world when you get it done, so I'll be looking out for it!

    Jasmine |

  2. Oh my gosh he is totally gorgeous, can't wait for cuddles! So tiny as well, New Forest Birth Centre is a wonderful place. Welcome to the world Henry, and well done guys xxx

    1. Tiny but perfectly formed!! Lol.
      It is a great place. I don't think I could have gotten Henry feeding so well without them!!


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