Advice for new mums, from real mums

July 29, 2016

The first few weeks of parenthood are a huge learning curve. You spend a lot of the time in a warm fuzz of love, sleepily googling everything under the sun. Or at least you should be. Well maybe not the Google thing.

Before I had Henry I knew I would want lots of advice from people who had been there and brought the proverbial t-shirt.

I’m lucky. I have a wonderful sister in law who not only has her own daughters, but is also a trained neo-natal nurse so knows a thing or two about babies. I also have a number of friends with little ones who have brought their children up beautifully and are a beacon of knowledge. I’ve also connected with a great group of mummy bloggers, who I’ve spoken to almost daily since Henry arrived to share the midnight feeds on twitter or just chat and get advice.

Without them all I think I’d feel very alone.

So I wanted to try and help out my readers and collect on this knowledge and share it.

Emily at My Petit Canard
Go with the flow and take time to get to know your baby, their temperament, what they like and dislike in the early days rather than worrying about getting them into good sleeping, feeding and other types of routines. All of that will come in time. The newborn days pass so quickly so take the time in those first few days and weeks to really enjoy them, and more importantly help them adjust to the new world around them by making them feel secure. You cant really spoilt a newborn so if that means letting them fall asleep on you rather than in their cot every now and then don’t feel guilty about it, they’ll be plenty of time for routines later!

Sophia at Tattooed Tealady
Being a new mama can be a nerve-wracking experience, but one which is so worthwhile and such a lovely adventure. My best advice for new mums is to take each day as it comes. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we should be doing, worrying about ticking all the right boxes of ‘how to be a good mum’, that we can often miss the little precious moments that matter most. There will be tears, you will worry, there will be times you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, but we’ve all been there and it does get easier, it becomes more natural and the amazing times always outweigh the harder moments. You got this!

Amy at All Things Amy
Don’t ever get caught up in comparing your baby to what others are doing. Every baby is different and will achieve things at their own pace. Remember that times have changed so our own Mums aren’t always right either, follow your instinct. No one knows your baby more than you.

Lauren at Sweetened Sour
As a first time mum you are given plenty of [unwanted] advice from other Mum’s who think that their way is the best way. Yeah, I mean, there are textbooks with what not to do/what to do, but they are only textbook for a reason – guidelines, not rules. You see, as a Mum, you know your OWN child better than any Doctor, Midwife, Nurse, or Mum’s of an older child. 

Me, I had gotten so much “advice” but it only really went through on ear and out of the other – why? Because I didn’t ask for it. If I was really struggling and wanted advice, I would ask for it personally. People like to dictate you and your child but it isn’t on. Women and men have been bringing up children for god knows how many years and guidelines are constantly changing. It a vicious cycle of guidelines been duped and then changed and then duped again. No one knows what they are doing, really.

Your baby cries: fed – check. Changed – check. Entertained – check. Cuddled – check. In the end, it is all a guessing game, but as long as your baby is healthy and happy and a chubby little podge, who are anyone to tell you what to do?

My advice is: take any advice on the chin, but at the end of the day, you know your baby better than anyone. 

Thank you to the lovely ladies that got involved with this – especially when we all have insane schedules with our little ones!
What advice would you give a new mum?

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