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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

10 life lessons to teach my little one

Becoming a mum is one of the most amazing and thrilling things to happen to me, but comes with some insane responsibility. As a mum our little ones are so reliant on us for everything and they base all their early learning on their parents.
Today I thought I'd share some of the life lessons I want to teach my little ones as they grow up.

Have courage and be kind
Yes this is totally stolen from Cinderella, but it is such an important life lesson. It takes a lot to stand up to people but it builds character. I sometimes wish I had more courage, especially when I was younger. It's also what drives us to do and try new things and I believe this is so important and aim to do this as much as possible with my little, and any future ones.
Alongside this is kindness. I've learnt a lot recently that you get so much further in life just being kind as much as possible. Sometimes it is just easier to bite your tongue than to say something which could just upset someone and escalate a situation. Being kind is so simple.

Let go of grudges 
It's easy to get caught up in your anger and upset, and goodness knows I've been known to hold a grudge, but I've also let them go because life is just too short. Some things just aren't worth the heartache that goes with holding onto anger and upset.

Keep on learning
There is so much to know about the world and everything in it. I'm not saying it has to be proper education from a teaching establishment, but maybe online tutorials, classes or learning from books or blogs. There is endless knowledge in the world.

Travel the world
I'm a huge travel fan. I've by no means finished with my travelling, but I now want to share my travels and experiences with my babies and Dann. My bucketlist of locations to visit is always growing, and I want my children to love travelling as much as I do.

Some people aren't worth it
There are always going to be people in your life that make you a little crazy, or just aren't worth the hassle and agro. Sometimes people just aren't meant to be in your life forever, or even for a long time. Yes it might hurt to see them go, but in the long run you need to consider your own happiness first and foremost. It's all a learning curve for us all.

But the ones that are will always be there
Every once in a while you come across a gem. A person you genuinely can't imagine life without, or who you can go months without seeing, but you pick right up from where you left off. Time and distance don't make a difference. These are the people to keep around you. They are invaluable human-beings. For me, I married one, and have known the other since we were 11 years old. My true treasures, Dann and Lucy.

Capture the moment
I'm an avid believer of taking photos. They capture a moment in time, be it a group photo, a landscape shot or a selfie. They can jog the long term memories you didn't even know you still had with a simple image. I love photos, and I love photo albums, especially printed ones. It's the reason this blog is so photo heavy because I love capturing memories in images. Plus it's so much fun learning how to use a camera properly, even disposable ones!

Read as much as possible
I'm a huge lover of books. There's nothing nicer than disappearing into a book on a cold winters evening with a cup of tea. Fiction or non-fiction,I don't care, but read when you can. Before bed or whilst travelling are my recommendations.

Everything and anything. Share the happiness and the sadness. It makes you a stronger person in the long run. Share the little things like cleaning and cooking to bring you closer to others.

Love and trust
Because these two are the most important lessons in life, to love and to trust freely.You might get heartbroken over the years, or have your trust broken, but never let it deter you from loving and trusting again. Love and trust are help to make you as a person. Who and how you love says a lot about you, and being able to trust, even with a little caution will help you show that love, and baby we got big hearts to love with.  

So that's my life lessons - what are your life lessons?


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