The first week as new parents

July 6, 2016

The first week of having a newborn baby is pretty much one of the most life changing weeks a person can experience. It’s filled with ups and downs and as with pregnancy and labour, completely unique to everyone. 

Our first week was a pretty good one actually with visitors and cuddles and not too many tears (from me or Henry). 

So our first full day was spent at the New Forest Birth Centre. Henry was born at 10:28am and it was pretty quiet in the centre so we were left to bond in the birthing room. Whilst I was checked over Dann had his skin to skin with Henry. We then started our very first time breastfeeding with the help of Carla who is kind of the resident expert at NFBC. It was a lovely moment for the three of us and I’m so pleased that Carla picked up my camera to capture the moment. 

We were then transferred to a side room to have our own space, I had a well needed shower and lots of cuddles. Overnight was hard as I was still getting used to breastfeeding and he wasn’t always happy to settle which I can kind of understand after being cosy and snug for nine months.

We went home on day two after we were both checked over and I seemed to have gotten to grips with feeding. Our first night was tricky again especially as we didn’t know we had to wake him for feeds if he didn’t wake on his own which of course we now know to do! We had a chilled first day at home with lots of sleep for everyone.

Day three brought our first midwife appointment and first visitors. Henry lost just under 8% of his body weight and had slight jaundice so we increased his feeds to every three hours rather than four. 
We also had our very first visitors in the shape of Alice and Emily who utterly spoilt Henry. My milk also came in which was interesting to wake up to. Suddenly I was really hot and heavy, but I’ve gotten used to it and the odd tingling feeling (sorry if that’s TMI, but honesty is the best policy) plus all the leaking!

Day four we decided to do our first trip out which I wasn’t sure I was going to do at one point the previous day due to feeling really really anxious. Good old baby hormones. We went and got Henry registered so he is an official person.

Day five was a busier day but Henry was amazing. We have day times down to an art but evenings can be a little tricky with Henry seeming to be a bit of a night owl and doesn’t always want to settle at night. We had our second midwife appointment (where I had a little anxiety meltdown in the waiting room of the medical centre as I was really nervous and was upset that we were given an hours notice to attend the appointment when we thought the midwife was coming to us – and it was really close to feeding time), where we found that Henry has put on almost all of his birth weight back on which is great and made me feel 100 times better about breastfeeding. He also had his heel prick test which came back fine, and he took it all really really well. Later that day our second visitors, my friend Sam and her two littles’ came by for a visit and brought brie and cake – good friend right! 

I’d also been thinking about expressing, but after sitting and doing some more research on positions and starting to work harder with Henry to get the latch right I’m beginning to find it more and more comfortable. We still have some way to go to get it really right, but we’ve got a new breastfeeding pillow which has helped so much and I feel like the investment will drive me to keep going without expressing. I’ve got nothing against any type of feeding but I know I’ll beat myself up if I give up so easily.

Day six and we had our third set of visitors in the form of Dann’s sister and her family. We took a little trip out to Hamble to see Dann’s TaeKwondo group do a demonstration. It was nice to get outside and get some fresh air, especially as I know if I don’t go out early on, I’ll never leave the house at all. Sam also made us the cutest little shoes for Henry ever, which you can see on my Instagram.

And lastly day seven, Father’s Day. I honestly didn’t think we’d have Henry here with us for Father’s Day as he wasn’t due until the 20th June. My mum, stepdad and sister came to visit which was so special. Honestly it brought me so much joy to see them with Henry! I can’t say who I loved seeing him with more, nanna or grandpa! But boy did Henry look snug with Grandpa. We also did our very first bath with Henry in our giant kitchen sink. We think he enjoyed it so hopefully we have a water baby on our hands!!  

We’ve had a good first week.  It’d had it’s ups and downs and has been both harder and easier than I imagined!! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    he looked so small in my handbut i loved hugging himthink we fell asleep

  2. Megan Hunt says:

    You sound like you've done amazingly well & Henry is adorable (love his name too!) Well done for persevering with breastfeeding – I also had a jaundice newborn so I know it can be tricky to start with as it makes them super sleepy. Congratulations to you and your partner xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Thank you Megan!I never realised that jaundice made them sleepy until looking back at it now and realising how easily he'd fall asleep as compared to now! Though I am glad it cleared easily and without extra help. Thanks again! xx

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