Changing bags for little ones

August 14, 2016

Babies come with a whole host of extras, especially when out and about. I couldn’t quite believe how much stuff you need with you at all times, particularly if you want to keep your sanity when in town or visiting people.

After my hospital bag post I thought I’d share what’s inside our changing bag.

We of course carry around the absolute necessities including nappies, a pack of wipes and a few nappy bags, as well as a mini tube/pot of barrier cream for on the go nappy rash. As Henry is still little we also carry two muslin squares and a bib for spit up and milk dribble. And just in case we also have a sleepsuit and a vest at the bottom of the bag for any little accidents. We also have dummies, bottles and instant formula for longer trips out, and a couple of rattles and comforters.

For mumma we have hand sanitiser because I have to have it in my handbag anyway. I also stuff tissues, lip balm, my keys, phone and lipstick in the insert pocket for the change bag if we’re doing a short trip out. For longer trips we use my rucksack from Accessorize (similar here) to carry all of our stuff on my back, or my mini tote also from Accessorize which is clipped to the side of the pushchair with my mummy clip. The rucksack is also handy for trips out when we have Henry in the baby carrier rather than the pushchair as it’s much better for my back.

Speaking of changing bag, ours is from Cath Kidston and I adore it. We picked ours up in the sale at the beginning of the year but you can get similar here and see their whole collection of changing bags here. Most of the changing bags come with a travel changing mat and bottle holder to match.

What do you have in your changing bag?

2 responses to “Changing bags for little ones”

  1. Roxie Watt says:

    It's crazy how long it takes us to leave the house now! I need to make some kind of checklist up as almost every time we leave the house I've forgotten something. Last time I didn't take a change of clothes and of course she ended up being sick EVERYWHERE – including all over me 🙂 Roxie |

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Same – I proper have to plan ahead. I mentally do a tick list about three times before I leave the house!Oh no, how typical!! I seem to need more bottles than I pack usually – enough milk, but only one bottle so I have to re-sterilise it which can be a pain when out! xx

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