Denim Loving

August 26, 2016

I’m really enjoying getting my body back to my pre-pregnancy state. Now don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed that my body was able to make, keep safe and produce a healthy baby. It had to go through a lot to get to that stage, so it’s going to take some time for it to go back. But I’m pleased with the progress so far. Yes my tummy is still like jelly and isn’t quite as firm as it was before I was pregnant, but my general size is pretty much back. 

Since giving birth my style has updated though. I’m no longer particularly interested in bodycon dresses and tight fitting tops. I’m all about the comfort and loose fit. Tops and dresses that will disguise my tummy, and allow me to move freely which is going to be essential for when Henry is on the move.  

This dress from Boohoo is probably my new favourite dress so I couldn’t resist getting some photos whilst we were in Winchester last weekend. It’s truly versatile.Hard wearing but soft. Hides my tummy whilst looking flattering, and it works for summer, as shown, or with tights and boots for the autumn (don’t get me started on autumn – I’m so excited! We had so many photos from our weekend, including the Chilli and Cheese Festival that I just had to put this post together and have a little ramble, and of course share the love. 

Also I’m really feeling hats at the moment. I found this one in Topshop on sale and just had to have it. The weather wasn’t amazing the morning we took these photos but I hadn’t really had the chance to get some photos of it so I decided I just had to wear it out!! 

As far the shoes, Primark is killing it with their canvas shoes and these are my absolute favourites! They remind me of the Doodle shoes I used to wear from Clarks when I was a kid! And they are UNBELIEVABLY comfortable! 

I’m loving this summer and being out doors. We’ve been trying our best to get out and about as much as possible whilst the weather is nice. Of course Henry isn’t impressed or even interested in the fact that we’re outside or inside. 

Also how pretty is Winchester?? I couldn’t not stop at that doorway for some photos, and the bridge over the river with the willows in the background just screamed photoshoot backdrop!

My lip colour is the Sleek Matte Lip Cream in ‘Shabby Chic’. 

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  1. Olivia Cheryl says:

    Oh you look lovely!! I LOVE these photos! Boohoo are always such lovely quality too!

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