Essentials for first time parents

August 15, 2016

I kinda wish babies came with manuals or some kind of guide but they don’t and for every new, first time parent it’s a huge learning curve.

You’ve probably read the books and searched the Internet for everything you need to know, I know I have!! 

In my short time as a first time mum I feel like I’ve learnt a lot!! 

So I thought I’d share some of my first time essentials and things to do!

Sleep when baby sleeps
This advice is handed out every where and is sometimes easier said than done but it will help if you do it at least half the time.

Biscuits are a life saver
A one handed snack for during feeding is a must. Feeding especially breastfeeding is hard work and particularly for the latter you need the extra energy. And even if you are bottle feeding you deserve a treat too.

Lanolin cream is a must for breastfeeding mums 
Pretty sure this stuff is saving me. Especially when I had some earlier issues with latching. Also to add to this, breastfeeding groups are amazing and really do help if you’re having issues or are feeling a little under-motivated to continue. Plus they’re a great place to meet new mums

Get a box set or two
I’ve found this really handy for night feeds so I stay awake, particularly when Henry doesn’t want to settle straight away and I need to rock him. We’re currently on Brooklyn 99, Mythbusters and Orange is the New Black.

Make up baby boxes in the main rooms of the house
We have a baby essentials box in the living room and bedroom, and a drawer in the nursery. Inside the living room box is nappies,  bags, wipes, cotton wool, muslin squares, bibs, nappy cream, breast pads,  antibacterial soap, and Lanolin cream.
Upstairs we have the same split between the nursery and our bedroom. It just makes life easier if you have everything close by.

Get a tracker app
We use the ‘baby tracker’ which has proven invaluable when it comes to feeding and recording nappies, especially as the midwives and health visitors always ask about both. It’s so simple to use, and is perfect for all mums no matter how you are feeding. 

Get outside

Some of the best times I had in the first few weeks was when I went out for a walk with the pushchair. Fresh air, exercise and a generally calm or asleep baby made for one happy mumma. 

Try a sling/baby carrier or baby-wearing

Henry loves to be cuddled. Loves sleeping in peoples arms or up.close to their chest. Which of course makes it a little tricky to do anything. We found our baby carrier to be a life saver on nights when he didn’t want to settle. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to put on on your own, though it is incredibly comfy when on. For when I’m on my own I have a wrap around sling which is so simple to use and so effective. I followed this video on how to use my wrap. 

So that’s my list of essentials. 

And remember it does get easier and the best things in life aren’t always easy. 

Share your essentials for parenting in the comments below! 

4 responses to “Essentials for first time parents”

  1. Roxie Watt says:

    Some great advice! I wish I could sleep when she naps but I end up running about getting my housework done instead. A messy house makes me really anxious for some reason. A good boxset is a must! I'm nearly on season 4 of Gilmore Girls.Roxie |

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Likewise – In fact Henry is currently napping, and I'm catching up on blog work!! You'll love the Gilmore Girls, it's so addictive! xx

  2. Aurélie Poll says:

    Great advice! yes the sleep when the baby sleeps is the number one tip but I struggled because there was always something to do, housework, chatting with a friend…or taking a shower!!!

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Ha ha – it's great advice, but rarely actually done I find,especially after the first few weeks when you just get used to being tired. xx

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