Family visits

August 22, 2016

Living a little way from family means we have to make the most of our visits back home. Both Dann and I are from Buckinghamshire originally and moved to Southampton for University and work. We adore the city and county that we live in, and I honestly don’t think we’ll ever leave the area, but going back home does make me very homesick.

We recently did a couple of surprise trips home to visit family. 

First off we visited Dann’s parents, who also had Dann’s sister and our niece’s over to stay, plus Dann’s Gran too! With so much sunshine we spent the afternoon in the garden and of course let loose with the camera!

^^ I just love this photo that Dann took of Erin Mai, she has the prettiest dark eyes! ^^

^^ a few photos from my little photographer-to-be Erin Mai. I love the one of Dann! And Bob the dog of course, my camera was almost entirely filled with photos of him! ^^

We then surprised my step-dad for his birthday.
We also met up with my sister and her fiance as well, for lunch and Henry cuddles! Luckily he was in a really good mood, much better than the week before so we got lots of photos!

We’re really trying to make sure that Henry knows his family and they get to see him grow up as both Dann and I value family relationships so much.

^^ I’m not 100% sure who loves who more! Photos courtesy of my mum who is a rather savvy photographer – must be where I got it from! ^^

Henry’s stripe top from the top photos from Primark, his orange dungarees and top from Next.
Dann’s white top from Primark, and striped top from H&M – similar here.
My red stripe top from Primark and dress from ASOS – old. 

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