Henry’s two month update

August 17, 2016

Can you actually believe that Henry is now two months old. Well I certainly can’t! 

The last month since my last update has been so good. Henry has really developed as a person and is starting to get a personality which is so rewarding. Don’t get me wrong a small part of me misses when he was really tiny, but I feel much more comfortable as a mum right now, and Henry is a delight.

At five weeks old he gave his first smile which was probably one of the best moment since he was born. Since then he has been all about the smiles, and is starting to learn how to laugh.You can see a video on my instagram. He’s a really happy baby once he’s had his milk, which he loves. 

He’s also a proper little cuddle monster. He loves being held and will fall asleep in my arms every night. We’re having some difficulty getting him to self-settle as he doesn’t like being laid down whilst awake,but he is getting better at staying down once he’s down at night with the help of our sleepyhead insert. He sleeps really easily in his swinging chair which has been a lifesaver and one of the best things we’ve bought.

We’ve started a simple night time routine to help him learn the difference between day and night, which he seems to have gotten the hang of. He usually has his last feed of the day between 8pm and 9:30pm. On bath days he joins one of us in the bath, then is put in a sleepsuit and gro-bag, given his milk and then cuddled in our room with the lights and TV down til he falls asleep. If no bath, then he’s just put straight in his night outfit. His overnight feed at about 2am is dark with a low TV if anything, and then cuddles to go straight back to sleep. The biggest difference is that during the day he has playtime after each feed before a nap. It seems to be working so far, so hopefully will make a difference when he’s older.

He’s piling on the pounds beautifully which is a huge relief as I started combination feeding at three weeks. We’re currently breastfeeding over night from the early hours of the morning, and formula throughout the day. He seems to prefer the bottle but I do think a bit of breastmilk is a good thing for him, plus it means I don’t have to make up formula at 2am!

His six week appointments went really well with him being pretty much perfect on everything. Our health visitor was so lovely too saying that he was one of the most content and happy babies she’d seen in a long time which made me feel fantastic I have to admit. She also said his focus was great for his age as he will happily sit and watch toys or things moving around him. His favourite is his Lamaze dragon (nicknamed George) that we hang on his playmat. He’s just starting to use his hands to knock it which is a great start to his hand-eye co-ordination.

All in all we’re pretty happy as our little family. I’ll take the cuddles while I can have them and work out the rest later. If you have any tips for settling, please leave in the comments below.   

Here’s a few photos from the last month!

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