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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Memories on the walls

I really love photography and art. I mean that might be an understatement and for a lot of my readers it's also stating the obvious based on previous blog posts and the sheer number of photos I add to my blog posts (sorry I just really love lots of photos in blog posts).

I've written recently about sharing and keeping family memories but wanted to expand on it especially with our recent family developments.

Just before Henry joined our little family I had a little nesting session and rearranged many of the rooms in our house. This included rearranging the large number of photos, artwork and other framed items on our living room walls. (you can see the start of our collection in this post from our last flat) We have a large collection of artwork and photographs which I adore, but wanted to pull them all together better in the room and also create more space for new additions.
Part of why I love our living room is that it really showcases us as a family, including the cats. We have artwork that represents the cats and Dann and I, plus photos from our wedding and important life events, including our couples photo shoot and maternity photo shoot and newborn photo shoot.

The mix of photos and artwork in our home aim to represent us so well and I love them so much. I'm also loving the fact I've created some space for future additions.

Our frames are a mix of Ikea, a few custom ones in a mix of black, grey and golden to match our grey and brown themed living space. I don't think you have to have amazing expensive frames when the images and art can speak for themselves. Although I do love our swept gold frames that sit about our TV, and they were custom made for the prints that sit inside them, but I do love at least one exception to the rule.

We're always adding to our collections, both in artwork and photos, and I can't wait to see it grow as our family does.

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