Sunny Southampton

August 18, 2016

We spent a random Friday in Southampton just hanging out with a lot of walking around Old Town. It was such a beautiful sunny day, and made me really appreciate living in such a great city. We have the best mix of things in the city, with the historic parts of the city mixed with the new modern day.

We started our day in Mettricks for breakfast/brunch – probably my favourite meal of the day when I can have it! We love Mettricks (you can see my last post on them here), possibly a little too much, but you can’t beat a great environment, even better coffee and excellent and locally sourced food.

We then took a little walk around Old Town, grabbed some photos – an actual “fashiony” post for once and I really love the photos too which make a change for me – and went Pokemon hunting.

We also stopped off in Guildhall Square for Henry’s feed, and for Dann to get a large Cold Brew from Mettricks Guildhall. Dann’s developed a new beverage love that cannot be contained!

Here’s some photos for our day!!

^^that smile!!^^

Outfit: Red Striped Tee, plimsols and flower headband all from Primark, Denim Skirt from ASOS. Danns white top from Primark. Henry’s blue top from Primark.

4 responses to “Sunny Southampton”

  1. Hello Deborah says:

    Lovely photos! I never really give Southampton a chance. I've really only ever been to the high street/West Quay and never wandered further. Those flatbreads look amazing in your review of Mettricks – I think I need to give it a try before baby arrives!Debbie x

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Hi Debbie, Thank you, Southampton has some real hidden gems, and Mettricks is probably my favourite place in the city, I would highly recommend!xx

  2. Kellie Brown says:

    Your pictures have made me smile. What a fab family you are. Looks like a fantastic day

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