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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Back to school with Degustabox

September means the start of the new school year, and to celebrate Degustabox* has put together a 'back to school' box perfect for the new term.

As usual the subscription box is sent direct to the door, jam packed with snacks, drinks and food ideas.

The August Degustabox has a great mix of healthy and naughty drinks, snacks, fast dinners and supper options. There are brands from a mix of backgrounds including large names and small independents.

And as you can see, this month I have a new helper with my box in the form of Archimedes - Degustabox unboxing just isn't quite the same without Dante (RIP 16.08.2016)

Check outside the box below - as well as a £7 off your first box code at the end of the post!

Inside the box:

Bircher Mix Muesli - Raspberry and Blackcurrant
Dann says that this mixed with apple juice and natural yoghurt is his current favourite breakfast.Unfortunately I don't really do cereal breakfasts in the morning as I don't always get to them all in one go so find toast easier.

Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn - Goats Cheese, Red Onion and Thyme
Savoury popcorn is always a little odd for me, although I love salted popcorn. These are really great though, perhaps because the flavouring combination just screams yum at me! 

Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney
The first in three items from Geeta's in this months box. We love Mango Chutney and this chunkier version is great, and makes a nice addition to our larder and hopefully to Friday night dinners.  

Baker's Snackers - Original and Gluten Free
We're giving the gluten-free ones to Dann's sister for her little girl who has a gluten intolerance, but we're having these flame baked crackers with cream cheese as often as we can, because they're very moreish! 

Tabasco Barbecue Glaze
A treat for meat, perfect on pork with stuffed jacket potatoes. Or save for the last of the summer barbecues!!

Geeta's Tikka and Rogan Josh Curry Pastes
A staple for the cupboard, and for homemade curry nights! We're trying to save money so these will come in super handy.

Mahon Lager
Dann is having this on curry night!! I love that this box comes with a great mix of products that really compliment each other which is so important when planning meals. 

Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine Drink
I love this brand. They do such pretty bottled drinks and they feel so vintagey. Their elderflower sparkling drink is just gorgeous, and this is really refreshing too. 

NutriPot Moroccan Couscous and Aromatic Thai Noodles
Instant microwave posts which we've shared out for super quick lunchtimes.  

Clipper Lime and Ginger Green Tea
We're big tea fans in my house and Clipper tea is always good. This is a really refreshing green tea, and ginger is so good for your body, alongside the actual green tea this is perfect for a first thing in the morning pick me up, or for after dinner. 

Oloves - Chilli and Oregano
I love olives! Like stupidly love them! And these mini snack bags are so good. These were definitely the first things to be eaten, and they didn't disappoint. They are packed with flavour and perfect for lunch boxes, or well anywhere to be honest. I'm thinking I need them for my changing bag at ALL times!

Capsicana Chilli and Coconut Brazilian Cook Sauce
Definitely putting this with pork chops or chicken legs soon, maybe with some rice, (and peas!?!?) Looks so simple and easy to use! 

Get more multivitamin water - sparkling lemon and lime
I really loved this water, plus all it's healthy extras make it really guilt free!!

To get £7 off your first order use code BLDEG15 at the checkout!!

*PR Sample

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