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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Stack them high

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jewellery.
I love jewellery, really good versatile jewellery, simple and unique. But unless I have it on all the time, I tend to forget it completely.
For instance, I never take off my wedding, engagement or commitment rings, but have now let my ear piercings completely heal as I always forget to put earrings in.

I've accepted that generally jewellery isn't really for me. I rarely wear necklaces, and with a little one they are particularly impractical. I dislike things on my wrists, especially when it comes to typing at a laptop or PC. Earrings are an obvious no-no. So I'm left with rings.
I went for years thinking that I wouldn't suit rings as I have short fingers but I've developed a true love for them, especially stacking rings.

Before Henry arrived I decided I want to get something to wear that would always remind me of him. I was inspired by Taza who has a set of stacking rings with her children's names, so I went on the hunt. This is where Bloody Mary Metal came in. I decided to get their Classic BMM personalised stack ring. The 2mm ring is stamped with what ever personalisation you like, including a heart symbol (yes of course I added it) and are available in either sterling silver, 9 carat yellow gold, or 9 carat rose gold.

As you can see it is currently paired with my commitment ring, and I love it. Plus there is enough room to add another when the time comes!

I also bought a matching ring for Dann (minus the heart symbol) which is 4mm, and again stackable.

Also can we take a minute to discuss the other rings from BMM?!? I'm in love with this hand-hammered threadbare stacking ring  and this droplet stacker ring. Both are going on my wishlist!

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Bloody Mary Metal, I just bloody love them! 


  1. WAHHH this is such a cute idea! I'm totally going to look into doing this! Sorry to steal your idea haha! xx

    1. Ha ha do it!! Bloody Mary Metals turn around is really fast and the quality is so good! xx

  2. Oh my gosh what s gorgeous collection, seen a few on here that I adore, thanks for sharing Rach. Your Henry stackable ring is a beaut xxx

    1. I actually don't have enough fingers for all the rings I want!! ha ha!
      Thank you - I love it!! xx


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