Our favourite children’s books & bedtime routine

September 12, 2016

We’re a family of book lovers. I’ve always been a big book reader, though I will admit to having less and less time for it these days. Other things just take priority over sitting in a chair with a book for several hours.

After posting my list of summer reads last month I felt inspired to share more about reading and books here on the blog, in the hope it will motivate me and my family to try and read more. It’s so easy to get stuck into a TV series when a book could give us so much more.
Back during my pregnancy, I asked my friends and family to give us a children’s book instead of a card for my baby shower so we could start our children’s library for Henry, and it’s been a huge success. I’m kind of wanting to do the same request for his birthday and Christmas’s in the future too. I just think a book is such a worthwhile gift, and can be super affordable, and in a lot of cases actually cheaper than buying a card which we just don’t tend to keep or look at ever again. If’ you’re really clever a quick stop in Poundland will give you a cheap children’s book for less than most cards!

As we’re growing our collection – shout out to The Works for their kids books too – we’ve been discovering our favourite stories, which I thought I’d share with you.

We have a routine each night for Henry which both creates routine for him to help him learn the difference between day and night, and help him settle down, but also creates some bonding and learning time. Each night he gets put into his pyjamas at around 6:45pm. On bath nights he has a bath at 6:30pm. We’re currently using the Mamia baby shampoo which seems to be keeping his cradle cap at bay, as well at the Purepotions baby oil which FYI smells heavenly and is so good for his scalp.
After pj’s he has his night time milk upstairs in our bedroom as he is still sleeping in our room at night. We then read him one of his stories from the playroom so he associates milk and books as a bedtime ritual,and hopefully will make it easier over time to get him to bed as he gets older. He is then put down for the night, and we keep an eye on him with our baby monitor.

I took some photos of our bedtime routine, which involves lots of play beforehand, which you can see below – sorry – I got a little photo happy!! #sorrynotsorry #thatfaceistoocutenottophotograph

Anyway on to our favourite children’s books. We love books that have a moral or a lesson to them, or are repetitive so will be good books to aid teaching to read,we’re proper educational like that. Or it’s books from our childhoods!
So our top five at the moment:

We’re going on a bear hunt
Elmer the elephant
The Hungry Caterpillar
The Rainbow Rabbit

What are your favourite children’s books?

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