Some frequently asked tattoo questions answered

September 8, 2016

This blog started life as a tattoo blog as it’s one of my true passions in life but tattoos have had ro take a bit of a back burner in recent months due to falling pregnant with Henry.
However I still get asked lots of questions about tattoos which of course I’m always happy to answer.

As I haven’t talked about tattoos for a while I thought I’d do a little Q&A from questions asked in person over the last few months and some from Twitter and put them together here for you.

Where/who do recommend to go to for a tattoo? 

Being UK based I have to recommend my UK tattooists in the South. Intense Colours Tattoo Studio is the home of one of my favourite tattooists Georgina who did my swan half sleeve. I also would highly recommend the guys at Custom Propaganda in Botley. Although I’ve never actually been there, I’ve seen the work and met half the guys working there and they have some incredible talent.
I’d also recommend my dream studio to visit Jayne Doe Tattoo Studio. Home to Tiny Miss Becca who is high on my tattooist wishlist, not only are the artists amazing, but the studio decoration is beautiful. 

Where’s the most painful place to have a tattoo?
In my opinion the foot was the worst tattoo placement in terms of pain, closely followed by my elbow ditch. However pain is incredibly personal and I know many people who said they barely felt their foot tattoos. However I don’t know anyone who enjoyed an elbow ditch tattoo being done.

What tattoo plans do you have for the future? When will you be getting your next tattoo?
I don’t have many plans right now. I would like to finish my left sleeve as my inner arm is feeling a little bare! I thinking probably flowers and jewels, maybe some butterflies as well as a jewelled bee for Henry.

What do you use to help heal your tattoos?
I use bepanthen for the first two days and then switch to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter until fully healed. See my full blog post on how I heal my tattoos here.  

Do you design them yourself or do you have others design them for you?
I come up with the ideas I.e. Jewelled bee and then find an artist whose style i like, give them the idea and get them to design something from that. I truly believe your tattooist can produce the very best design if you do your research. I also always let them choose the colours as they understand what colours will work and complement each other best.

What is the etiquette with tattoos and copying existing designs? Is it a no no?
It’s a pretty big no no and a truly talented tattooist won’t copy another tattooists work. At the end of the day how would you feel if you saw someone walking around with a tattoo that you had had custom designed, not good right. Take the design you like to a tattooist and ask them to use it as inspiration, even something as simple as a font change can make it unique to you.

If you have any tattoo questions leave them for me in the comments below and I’ll do another post like this soon!! 🙂

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  1. Elena The Mermaid says:

    I used Dream Cream from Lush to heal my big tattoo and it did a great job. I still use it now when it gets randomly itchy.<3

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